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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beauty Review: Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

Hi beautifuls!

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur.
So with this hot Texas heat, my Skindinavia setting spray wasn't controlling the oils on my face as well as it used to and so I decided to look for a primer to help with the oil control.

I am familiar with the popularity and great quality of the Smashbox Photo Finish primer but to be honest... I really can't afford the tiny 1 fl. oz. bottle. Now I know that I am guilty of beauty splurges from time to time, but when it comes to something that I use on a daily, I want to find something that's affordable in the long run.

Quick disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. This review is solely my honest opinion. 

I heard so many mixed reviews of this Miracle BlurI've read where some have recommended this to be a great primer and so I had to give this a try. Unfortunately, for me this wasn't the right product to suit my needs as a makeup primer...  

  • This comes in a nice tube and you get 1.18 fl. oz.


  • I  use my fingers and dabbed it onto my face.
  • Use very very sparingly! You do NOT need a lot of this product or else your face will get super super oily. 
  • This product is translucent and gives your face a nice even texture.
  • Succeeded in minimizing the appearance of some of my pores.

Finish and Consistency:

After applying my makeup (I omitted using my Skindinavia setting spray to test the Miracle Blur by itself), I find myself blotting my face more than usual throughout the day. As the day went by, I couldn't help but notice this feeling of my makeup was sliding off of my face. By night time, my makeup felt heavy and my face was super oily. Before I went to bed, I showered and as I was washing my face, I felt like I was washing off a pan of bacon grease off of my face. 


After two weeks of using this product, I don't think this can perform the task of a true makeup primer. With that being said, I had to give this product the boot. Even though the product did minimize the appearance of my pores, I know that a real makeup primer will do that and better (give my face a nice even texture, have good oil control, and also make my makeup adhere better and last longer).

Is it worth it?

The Loreal Revitaift Miracle Blur retails for $19.97 at Walmart. Considering that this is a drugstore product, the price tag is a bit hefty but you can always find coupons and sales and with the two combine, you can get this for a fair price. However, my answer would be no this is not worth the money to spend if you are looking for a makeup primer.

What are your thoughts on this Miracle Blur cream? What is your go to makeup primer?


  1. Oh thanks so much for the review :)
    I was this close to getting this andI have super oily skin too.

    1. Hi hun!

      You are very welcome! I'm so happy to know that my explorations and findings can benefit you! I am still on a hunt for the perfect budget friendly primer. I'm definitely still searching and will post on my blog once I find it!

      Thank you for coming by my blog! xoxo

  2. Great review Liz! I've been hooked on MUFE HD primer in neutral it's $34.00 so on the pricey side but a little goes a long way so it's lasted quite a while :)

    1. Hi love!

      Thank you! I am glad to know that my feedback can be useful =) Thanks for your recommendation! I'll definitely have to go and ask for a sample of that! I just purchased the Rimmel primer yesterday and am excited to try that out! xoxo