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Thursday, August 8, 2013 Haul

Today I just wanted to share with you an order I placed for the very first time on Dermstore. I was very impressed with the quality of their service. Shipping was super fast (but my local post office was lagging and so I received my order a day late). I placed my order on Friday and it was suppose to be delivered on Monday (but because of my local post office) I didn't receive it til Tuesday. is an online drugstore. They are also in conjunction with and

I finally ran out of my sample sized CoTZ Face sunscreen SPF 40 and had to order a full size. I love to shop online to compare deals and so I found the best deal from Dermstore. Across all online retails, this sunscreen is $19.99. The reason why I chose Dermstore is because they offer free shipping, no tax charges, AND a free gift with every order!

How awesome is that right? So I promptly placed the sunscreen in my online cart, created an account on their website, and checked out.

Along with my sunscreen, here are other items I received in my package:
  • Dermstore Lip Quench Moisture-Infused Lip Treatment (free gift)
    • I am wearing this lip treatment as we speak: It has a very thick consistency (similar but a tad thicker than Carmex)
    • It feels sticky but not too sticky where I would mind so much and immediately want to wipe off.
    • It does moisturize my lips, keeping them soft and supple.
  • AIRBRUSH Eye Refining Cream (sample)
  • Intelligent Beauty/Labs Reveal Firming Eye Cream (sample)
I plan on giving the two eye cream samples to my mother-in-law who's a cream fanatic lol. 

I've been trying to go back onto Dermstore to look for more products to potentially buy but I think their website is down =\ I'll keep checking and will update this post (with a link to their site) once I find it up and running again.

I usually order from the bigger beauty retailers so this is my first online drugstore purchase and I'm very pleased with it. Do you have a favorite online drugstore you like to make purchases from?

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