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Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Sarah Potempa's BEACHWAVER

I want to share with you all, an amazing prize I won from a contest hosted by Birchbox! (*Brace yourselves, it's a big of a long post so how about you get comfy with your coffee, water, or juice and bear with me? =) )

The BEACHWAVER™ is a LIFE CHANGER. I'll be honest and admit how I hate styling my hair because it's pin straight Asian hair that does not want to hold a style for NOTHING (not even all the bobby pins in the world can keep my hair up in a style or curl), and no I'm not exaggerating! The only time my hair gets styled is when I go to the hair salon and my stylist does whatever magic it is that she does to keep my hair style in place! And that really says something because if you've followed me from the beginning of my blogging journey, you would know that I only go to the salon once, MAYBE twice a year to get a cut and so that's the only time my hair gets styled. I either wear my hair down or up in a top knot bun. 

Well not any more! I can curl my hair whenever I want and achieve beautiful curls or that simple sexy beach wave everyone obsesses over.

"The BEACHWAVER™ is what you have all been waiting for. Featured on the Today Show 3 times (Kathie Lee and Hoda's Favorite things!), Star Magazine, Teen Vogue, US Weekly, Shape, Allure and rapidly becoming the favorite styling tools for celebrities and moms, this curling iron will save you time and leave you looking like you just left the red carpet! Sarah and her sister Erin worked on developing this innovative rotating curling iron for over two years. The technology is unsurpassed (with customized extra long barrel, digital temperature control, and Left/Right control buttons), the idea is simple, and your hair will look fabulous. Guaranteed!"

What makes the BEACHWAVER™ unique is that this iron does the work for you! All you have to do is hold your curling iron, put your hair into the little clamp, press the "Go" button on the iron and it curls your hair! There's a Left and Right button you select, based on what side you are curling your hair so that all of your curls will be in the same direction!

When I first used my BEACHWAVER™ I noticed the temperature is preset to 390 degrees which I've had the pleasure to discuss with Miss Sarah Potempa during a live Google Hangout with her and Birchbox!

You can find me talking at the 23:45 mark! (Side note: I was SUPER nervous so forgive me - when I went back to watch this video, I was seriously mad at myself for all the okays I said! GEEZ LIZ!!!)

If anything, feel free to watch the whole video because Sarah Potempa does cover everything we need to know about the BEACHWAVER™ and you can also see her put it in action! =)

I absolutely love how I don't have to use any hair spray, etc. for my hair to hold it's curls/waves. The first day, my hair was quite curly and then I left it alone so I can see how my hair would look like the next day. When I woke up, I jumped out of bed, ran to my mirror and looked and was amazed! Even though I'm not big on my 2nd day hair, this will be the only time it is an exception that I will rock second day hair because the curls turned into these beautiful loose beach waves that I've always wanted to achieve!

The BEACHWAVER™ retails for $199.00 (U.S.D. before tax).

Is it worth it? It's hard for me to scream YES it is because I didn't buy this on my own, rather I was lucky to win one. To put things in perspective, given my hair styling history and at this point in real time, the length of my hair, I find this tool to be well worth the money!

If you asked me, Liz, would you really have bought this on your own if you didn't win one? I would pause and tell you give me a week before I tell you my answer and then I would honestly have done my research, roamed through multiple YouTube videos, read reviews for days on end, and even get my husband to get in on the research with me! I'd be crazy enough to even hunt down a salon or a retailer and get someone to demo this iron on me first! This is a huge investment we're talking about! And after all that's been said and done, yes I would have bought one on my own. I'll be honest, it would take me a few months of No Buy Makeup to save up, but I WILL save up for something if I really really really want it.

Toss out those other curling irons, don't even bother looking at those in your Ulta catalogs ladies! If you're in the market for an excellent quality curling iron that actually DOES THE WORK FOR YOU, then get this!! You won't regret it =D

I hope you enjoyed my review! So sorry this review couldn't be taken down a notch to fit my standard beauty review breakdown, I can't help but grin ear to ear when I look at my pretty BEACHWAVER™ sitting on my desk waiting to be used lol. 

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