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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Makeup 101: Dream Office Space/Beauty Room Pt. 2 | Meet Tony Vincente

Yesterday we discussed/daydreamed about our office space/beauty room. Today I am happy to introduce you to a great friend of mine, Mr. Tony Vincente.

Tony Vincente is CEO and President of Vincente Living a collection of unique home decorating accessories and Kitch by Vincente Living a new line of kitchen essentials, which are gaining the attention of the world-wide interior design community.  Tony is best known for his award-winning art pieces including “Hope for Humanity” winner of the best painting/drawing category at the Farmers Insurance Art Festival in 2012 and interior decorating ascetics building his reputation as someone who has the ability to turn any home environment from good to gorgeous. 

Tony Vincente’s room makeovers have been featured on HGTV's Rate my Space leading to a series of home decorating videos that can be found on Tony Vincente's popularity and that of the Vincente Living brand garnished this up and coming design-star acceptance into the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), a 2014 nomination into the Society of British Interior Design (SBID) for both art and interior design contributions and an ever growing international social media fanbase with over 90k+ Twitter and 12,000+ Facebook followers. 

Tony discovered his passion when he was quite young and he took after his Mother's exquisite design taste. "As time passed I found my love of all things beautiful becoming paramount in the home front. I started creating my own paintings in 2009 and from there realized I wanted to expand my horizon’s and be more than an artist. My passion for creating beautiful living allowed me to venture into home decorating essentials, curating trendy good from local collaborators and artisans. As I learned more and more from these amazing people it became easy for me to create my own custom designs that are gaining the attentions of the interior design communities at large."

Here are some tid bits from my interview with this amazing man on how he got into the home fashion industry:

1. What inspired you to get into the interior design industry?  

Believe it our not my love for Psychology! Little known fact but I have a B.A. in psychology not design and one paper I wrote about “what makes people happy” sums is all up.  From this paper I learned that “home” is usually the one thing that brings us all joy, it struck a nerve so intensely that from that moment on I realized that before I leave this earth MY contribution to the world would be to help give people the best life they can have through beautiful custom imagery, home d├ęcor, tips and more.

2. How long have you been in this career?  

I have been a Lifestyle expert with a passion of interior design for over 5+ years. Please note that I am an INTERIOR STYLIST not an interior designer my forte is decorating the most challenging space but don’t look at me to knock down a wall! =) Having said that I have been putting together magazine ready decorated spaces for friends and family for over 10+ years.  I started to really make a name for myself as an artist and some one with an eye for quality designs since 2009. I’m a newbie in the interior design arena but I feel will make a major impact with my visions and designs.

3. What or who are your inspirations? 

What inspires me the most is my partner of over 12 years who has and continues to be my rock of Gibraltar and biggest sounding board in all my endeavors (and boys were there many). I also find inspiration in great people like yourself and the amazing interior decorator Toni Sabatino who believe in my abilities and showcase my works and words to audiences that I wouldn't have the chance to reach on my own.

Tony is always so kind to offer some tips for my friends and readers who are thinking about re-vamping your office/beauty space! 
  • I’m a huge organizational freak so the most important thing I can advice for your office clean-up (In my best Martha Steward voice) would be to take your time and clear out your space the smart way! While boxing up your contents always make sure to catalog all items (either on a notepad or your iPad) once its time to unpack and re-establish your space this will make your life a lot easier.
  • My advice for any design is to find a THEME that will inspire you each and every time you enter your space. Both me and my partner love to travel so when it came time to redo our home office we knew it had to have a “world-traveler” theme to it! I wrote all about on a Facebook post, I invite you to check it out if you haven’t already. We actually re-did the entire office under 50 bucks!
I absolutely LOVE organization and so I just had to find out what is Tony's favorite organization system and he told me that he absolutely LOVES California closets! Fun fact for us gals on a beauty budget, we can find these awesome closets at Costco! =D

To view Tony's beautiful paintings, please visit here (I find myself with my head tilted in awe!).

Don't forget to check out Tony's series that you can watch here!!! With my #homerehab project currently in the works, I've definitely taken down some notes!

I am honored to have met Tony through my blogging venture and only have high praises for him. He is so humble and kind, if you would like to reach out and connect with him, feel free to do so! 

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