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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#FOTD: Green & Yellow Eyes

I'm excited to share that this challenge was another piece of cake for me and Miss +jackie leung over at FiveTwo Certified!

We've been keeping busy with many great projects and wonderful celebrations this month, so this challenge was not painful. Plus we've got our eyes on the bigger prizes we have in store for ourselves in the month of April =)

Since this is our last installment to the Vintage Glam series, I dusted off a few palettes that have been sitting patiently waiting for me to grab, and this time around, I felt so guilty for neglecting my beauties and so I figured why not pull these all out and use a bit from each palette.

  • Too Faced | A Few of My Favorite Things Palette
    • I used this palette for all the coloring on my face, shadows, contour, and blush =D I love it's variety/versatility of this palette! Check out my in-depth review here!
  • Too Faced | Lip Injection Color Bomb! | Bee Sting
    • This came along with the palette above. I really love it! I have so many other nude lippies, I would forget about this one. 
    • I love how this does make my lips a little bit more fuller - sometimes I get scared though that it may make me look like I had something done to my lips, when no ma'am! Everything you see is all natural, just accentuated with makeup =D
  • MAC | Custom Palette
    • This is a 15 pan palette which sadly I have not filled up yet. I only have three shadows in here! I used "Carbon" out of this palette to add a smokey touch to my eyes.
  • Sigma Beauty | Creme de Couture Palette
    • You'll be seeing this palette more and more this season and come summer. I purchased this a few weeks after its debut last fall - the colors in this palette are gorgeous! And what I appreciate about this bright and colorful palette is that it has a yellow shadow which surprisingly I do not have anywhere else in my makeup stash!
Here's my FOTD details:


  • Maybelline | Baby Skin Pore Eraser (T-Zone)
  • Rimmel | Fix & Perfect Pro Primer #002 (all over face minus t-zone)
  • Revlon | Nearly Naked Foundation | #150 Nude
    • Too Faced | A Few of My Favorite Things | Sun Bunny  (used as a blush)
    • Too Faced | A Few of My Favorite Things | Chocolate Soleil (contour)
    • NARS | Illuminator | Copacabana
    • Too Faced | Lip Injection Color Bomb! | Bee Sting

    Everything listed above added up to = the face below:

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