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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beauty Review: Perfect Beauty Tweezers*

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on my most favorite new pair of tweezers from Perfect Beauty.

From the packaging label:

"Experience for yourself the feeling of having your eyebrows completely pampered, primped, and dare we say it, indulged."

I've been tweezing my eyebrows since the 7th grade. So trust me when I say I've had my fair shares of tweezers! Two of the main issues I've always had was 1) my tweezers not wanting to grab the hair and 2) my tweezers would go for the skin! (That's probably more user error than the tool but because it happens so much, I'm going to blame it on the tool, LOL). Who's with me on these tweezing issues??? No? Well lucky you! But for the people who have their hand raised, Perfect Beauty Tweezers are here to save you from the painful tweezing experiences!

Below is a lovely diagram that Perfect Beauty provided to study the anatomy of this perfect tool:

I appreciate the breakdown of this beauty tool. I find it informative and do have to agree how I have not missed a hair when tweezing with the Perfect Beauty Tweezers. I don't have to fight with that one tiny strand and I can pull the brow hair out effortlessly.

Because I don't have to fight with the stubborn brow hairs when tweezing, I do find that I've been tweezing more quickly and effortlessly. Typically with my previous pair of tweezers, I would struggle at times trying to get a tiny brow strand out thus making me spend more time tweezing. With the Perfect Beauty Tweezers, there's NO drama! Lol =)

These wonderful tweezers have a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects. To be honest, I'm not sure what Perfect Beauty would consider as manufacturing defects, so definitely contact them directly if you want to know more.

There's a perk that I appreciate greatly from the company and that is their Free Sharpening service. When your Perfect Beauty Tweezers have dulled through normal use, you can send in your tweezers to get sharpened.

Overall, I've enjoyed using these very much! It's my new go to and I keep my old pair in my travel bag (don't want to risk ever losing this baby!).

Perfect Beauty Tweezers retail for $21.90 (U.S.D. before tax) and if you order directly from their website, they offer free shipping.

Given the free sharpening perk that comes with these tweezers, I find these tweezers well worth the money. If you want an effortless tweezing experience every time, then definitely consider picking up a pair from Perfect Beauty!

Thank you so much for reading, I do hope that you enjoyed my review! Before we end the convo, what's your favorite method of removing your brow hair? If I'm too lazy to tweeze, I'll splurge and get them threaded! Also, what's your HG tweezers? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!
P.S. Thanks so much for your continued support and love to my blog and me! Just a tiny tidbit, school is coming to a close end and once that is done, I'll be back to blogging full force! I know who's been staying consistent with visiting, commenting, and keeping in touch with me! You're not forgotten and I'll make sure to pay back the love and support 100% when I can get back into my full blogging rhythm. I have so many new goodies I received from my birthday that you may have seen on my Instagram, that's still sitting on my desk, waiting for me to use and review for you! I'll be having reviews coming up very soon, so brace yourselves! Lol. So thank you thank you! Your continued support is really truly appreciated. BIG HUGS!

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