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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Polaris Cosmetics*

I received a while back from Polaris Cosmetics. They are a small cosmetics business I found while roaming through the world of Instagram and I'm happy to have this opportunity to work with them!

"Polaris Cosmetics is your guiding light toward radiant beauty. Founded in 1998 by Cristina Romeo, Polaris Cosmetics delivers a brilliant makeup line using the finest hypoallergenic ingredients to achieve ultimate alluring perfection.

Established on the principles of continuously providing excellent customer service and cutting edge products, Polaris Cosmetics continues to meet industry standards and maintain clientele satisfaction. 

Polaris Cosmetics functions out of a beautiful location in Salon Patrece in Encino, CA, and out of a fabulous studio in the heart of Thousand Oaks, CA. A place where clients escape for a little peace and pampering, our locations offer a luxurious experience. We pride ourselves in offering a line of cosmetics that are innovative, fresh, dermatologist adored and exclusively for every woman."

I'll be sharing quick thoughts on each item I received as well as a makeup look I did using all of the products!

Brow Color BC | Taupe
  • This is a light brown brow powder with that can be buildable to your shade desire if you want your brows to be darker.
  • Since this is powder, I like to use my Model in a Bottle Brow Sealer to ensure that my brows will stay in place!
  • This is a very pigmented blush so I advise you to use a light hand when applying and build up to your desire shade! 
  • It is a very pretty deep rose blush with specks of shimmer in it. In good daylight, you'll see the deep rosy color but at night like right now as I'm typing this, with my desk lamp on, I'm looking at the swatches on my arms again and it looks more like a copper shade. Pretty either way in my opinion!
  • I even found double use out of Riddle, I used it as an eye shadow for my look you'll see below too!
  • This is a great touch up powder for when you're on the go! When 1pm rolls around, some slight shine will break through and I would have to grab a tissue or blotting sheet (whichever's closest) and dab the excess oil.
  • This is an ultra-compact powder that is easily portable and very convenient to use when you want to touch up and keep your face looking fresh throughout the day.
  • I even use this powder to set my foundation, just swirl once with a round fluffy brush and lightly apply over your face and you're good to go!
Lipstick | Tad
  • The shade Tad is a beautiful deep rose with a brown undertone. It is very rich in pigmentation and very moisturizing!
  • I like this neutral lipstick very much! You can wear Tad with a daytime smokey eye or a night time eye look.
  • Mocha is a pretty rosy shade also with a brown undertone. It has great pigmentation and can be worn alone for a lighter wear versus wearing a lipstick or you can top this over a lipstick for extra shine!
  • The texture and consistency of the lipgloss reminds me of MAC's Cremesheen Glass. It's a tad bit sticky but nothing overwhelming, I find that over time while wearing this gloss, the sticky feeling goes away.

The makeup look I'm going to post was taken a few weeks ago when I demo'd Polaris Cosmetics on my Instagram account that you can find here for the details on all the items I used!

Overall, I find their products to be made of great quality, the packaging is excellent and durable, I'm really pleased!

Have you tried anything from Polaris Cosmetics?

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