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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Apothecary Extracts | 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil*

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Today I want to share a quick review with you my thoughts on tea tree oil!

"Apothecary Extracts was founded in 2013 because, as consumers, we were tired of not knowing what was in our essential oils. There are so many vendors that dilute their essential oils, or use unsafe extraction processes which contaminate the final product. The only way to be sure what is in your essential oils is to test them. But the tests are expensive so most brands don’t want to pay for this. Or they don’t want you to know the results!

We will only carry essential oils that we are 100% confident represent the best quality and potency available. And we’ll show you the test results to back it up.

Apothecary Extracts is committed to selling only the purest essential oils, and we have the tests to prove it. Available for purchase exclusively on"


I've heard many good things about tea tree oil, how it's beneficial to your health, how it helps soothes and heals wounds, and the biggest perk that caught my attention, how it zaps away pimples! 

I've been using this 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil by Apothecary Extracts for a little over a week now, and so far I'm liking it. I use the oil to spot treat random pimples that have been popping up on my face =X 

I don't know exactly how fast the oil is suppose help "zap" these pimples away but for me, I noticed that after two days of treating the same pimples, it would disappear by the third day.

What I would do is take a q-tip and saturate the end of one and dab it on the pimples. The first time I used the oil to spot treat, I had a pimple below my eye and dabbed the q-tip on there, and OMG it the smell irritated my eye. My eye couldn't stop watering for a few minutes!

Which leads me to the one thing that I did not like about the oil which is its scent. It's a very strong, herbal medicine scent, stronger than the Vicks menthol scent. Slowly and surely though, I'm getting used to the scent since I've been using it every day to spot treat. 

If you're looking to get an all natural product to help treat your pimples and acne, I would recommend trying this oil! I find it very effective for the time that I've been using it.

You can purchase the oil here from Amazon

Have you used tea tree oil before? How do you like it and what other uses do you find beneficial from it? 

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