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Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store | Tutu Magical Lip Mask*

I received a few goodies from and first up, I want to share my two cents on this cute little tube of Magical Lip Mask by the brand Tutu.

The packaging of this product does not have any English writing on it besides the name of the brand and what the product is. I had to research (a.k.a. my bestie Google) to gather up some information of this product.

What caught my attention to get the Tutu Magical Lip Mask is how bad this cold weather has been on my lips! I've never use a lip mask before and immediately wanted this to give it a try!

This is a lightweight gel product that I'm assuming is heavily water-based because it went on my lips really wet and within seconds, I noticed the wetness was gone and my lips were immediately hydrated! There's also a light coconut scent of this product that I like very much!

According to this site, the ingredients contained in this Magical Lip Mask is shea butter, propolis, and olive oil. 

Although the Magical Lip Mask immediately hydrated my lips, the effect only lasted an hour or so and my lips went back to being chapped again. I am aware that it's also because I haven't been keeping my drinking water game strong, with so much things to do, I neglect myself and forget to drink my daily 64 oz. of water. You've gotta remember that everything starts from the inside out! Not trying to lecture because heck I'm the one who is suffering from chapped lips lol.

I do find that if I top the Magical Lip Mask with a layer of my Neosporin Lip Health and that helps keep my lips hydrated longer.

I really like the Magical Lip Mask and find it perfect if you're in need of a lip mask and are on a budget! I've researched and seen other lips masks up as high in the $20 range so if you are in need of a budget friend lip mask, definitely give this one a try!

You can get it at the site for $5.67 (U.S.D. before taxes and shipping) and to make it even cheaper, use my 10% discount code!

I hope you enjoyed my review! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day and an amazing Christmas week!

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