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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Odylique by Essential Care*

Created by mother-daughter team, Margaret and Abi Weeds. Margaret began making skin care from natural ingredients over 30 years ago. ‘Conventional’ cosmetics didn't suit her very sensitive skin and she was desperate to find a remedy for her family’s eczema problems. She felt there must be a healthier, more effective way to make skin care than using petroleum and artificial additives. So, armed with qualifications in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, and a passion for the genius of nature, she set about creating truly effective formulations, based only on organic herbs, plant oils and natural active ingredients that were compatible with the most sensitive skin.

In 2003, we founded a company together because we are passionate about the efficacy of genuine natural skin care.

Our philosophy is simple: All ingredients should provide a positive therapeutic value as well as making the product a joy to use. And as Margaret explains: “Scientific studies into natural plant actives are now confirming my lifelong belief that carefully chosen natural plant ingredients produce outstanding results not only for health but beauty as well, particularly for sensitive and ageing skin.”  

Odylique is 100% natural and certified to Soil Association organic standards. It is a truly hypoallergenic range that is free from common allergen tree nut oils, soy, wheat or dairy (as well as parabens, petrochemical and sulphates).

This extra-strength toner is undiluted with water so the skin can benefit fully from our special concentrated distillation rose petal hydrolat fortified with precious rose otto essential oil. Packed with antioxidant polyphenols and phytonutrients, it is highly effective at uplifting your senses, stimulating cell regeneration and calming redness of the most sensitive skin.
It may be particularly suitable for skin prone to rosacea.
I enjoy using the Calming Rose Super Tonic as a toner and facial spritz very much! After reading how beneficial the Calming Rose Super Tonic is for calming redness, I've reached for this to use for my son's rosy cheeks when his complexion reacts to the weather.  I find that this works very well for him too!
For hotter (summer) days, I would definitely recommend you putting the Calming Rose Super Tonic in your refrigerator for ultimate facial spritz heaven! 
L-R: Timeless Rose Moisturizer and Superfruit Concentrate

A luxurious, antioxidant day cream with soothing and regenerative organic rose. This natural moisturizer is excellent for sensitive skin and may be suitable for skin prone to rosacea. Rose helps calm any redness, while promoting skin restoration. Powerful extracts of rosehip and sea buckthorn smooth the skin and promote cell renewal. Deeply moisturizing yet light-textured oils of jojoba and coconut, plus aloe juice and the hydrolat of damask roses absorb fully, leaving the skin soft and velvety smooth.
Rose Moisturiser is naturally high in antioxidants to reduce fine lines and counteract the ageing and collagen-destroying effects of 'free radicals' and sunlight. Treat your skin to the best day cream that nature can offer.
With its light texture and antioxidant powerpack, this moisturizer is also suitable as an eye cream. It is suited to all sensitive skin types, including combination, normal-dry and mature.
Timeless Rose Moisturizer is a wonderful light-weight day cream. I appreciate the anti-aging benefits from this product. I have sensitive-combination skin (oily during spring/summer, very dry during fall/winter). The Timeless Rose Moisturizer hydrates my face completely and the best part for me, there's no oily-ness throughout the day. 
The Timeless Rose Moisturizer is available in two sizes 0.51 fl oz. for $16.00 and 1.69 fl oz. for $48.00 (U.S.D.).

This facial oil is a 100% organic, exceptional synergy of 5 omega fatty acids, plus antioxidant vitamins and nature’s miracle phytosterols, to target all aspects of skin aging.
Use this super serum daily or as needed to boost moisture, cell renewal and collagen synthesis for smooth, instantly radiant skin. Smooth 2-3 drops over the skin daily or when your skin needs an instant radiance boost. - Vibrant plant polyphenols provide a natural tint for added brightness. It’s the ultimate pre-party pick me up (also makes a great base for makeup), or morning-after 2 second rescue.
This is an amazing serum to have in your skincare stash! On days when my skin is looking and feeling dull and grey, I reach for a facial mask and after that, I follow up with the Superfruit Concentrate which leaves my complexion smooth and radiant as the product claims to achieve! 
A little bit goes a long way, just as instructed, I only need 2-3 drops of the Superfruit Concentrate to cover my entire face. It takes a minute for the serum to absorb, but once it is set in, your complexion is soft and smooth with no greasy residue.

I love all three products I've received from Odylique! These products suited my sensitive-combination very well but ultimately I am pleased at how they work effectively on my son's (eczema) sensitive skin too!
If you're in the market for an all natural, organic skincare line, I'd definitely recommend Odylique
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