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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Exclusive Dallas Preview | Chikuhodo x Beautylish Sakura Collection

May I proudly introduce to you the Sakura Collection by Chikuhodo x Beautylish. Ladies and gents, grab your wallets and have them handy because this exquisite limited edition set will only be available for a limited time later this month!

Dallas is proudly the first city to present the exclusive preview event - we got to see the beautiful brushes in person, touch, and feel them and let me assure you that these brushes are so light-weight and amazingly soft! I'm so selfish but I'd definitely be keeping these brushes to myself lol!

I was lucky to have run into a few familiar beautiful faces, my great friend/YouTube Beauty Queen, Nikki aka Platinum D and Shelly Taggar, owner of The Makeup Show.

I had the honor to chat with Mr. Nils Johnson, CEO of Beautylish. He gave me a bit of insight as to what inspired the creation of the Sakura Collection and how the collaboration with Chikuhodo came about.

The limited Sakura Collection includes five exquisite brushes, handcrafted in Japan. When we say handcrafted, we really do mean that each individual brush are made by hand from a very small group of talented craftsmen. The beauty of the brushes were inspired by the Cherry Blossoms in Japan. The handles are made from bamboo which is something I can't rave enough about how light these brushes are! They are light and very sturdy.

During the brainstorming process of this collection, I appreciate how this exquisite set had monolids in mind because the brushes are precisely cut to where you can work in your colors with precision on smaller eyelids.

I am so happy to have been one of the first to see this beautiful collection in person as well as getting to feel the brushes and obtain some info to share with y'all!

If you're an avid makeup brush collector, you'll definitely want to add this to your collection! To stay in the know on when this exquisite set is going to be live on the Beautylish site, head on over to Beautylish and sign up for their newsletter!

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  1. These brushes look beautiful! I've heard about these. They sound like they are really well-made.

  2. Hi Lauren! Chikuhodo brushes are absolutely beautifully designed and very well made. There's only a small team of craftsmen who makes Chikuhodo brushes so you know they're very special! Thanks so much for visiting! xoxo

  3. The details on the brushes are so gorgeous and love the gold color!!