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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interview | James Vincent, Makeup Artist

I am so happy to be able to share with y'all my interview with the one and only, James Vincent. He's a complete sweetheart, very laid back, and easy to talk to! (I kept telling my friends at The Makeup Show this past weekend about how much I wanted to squeeze him like a teddy bear when we hugged but I'm sure he wouldn't have appreciated that lol!) 

James Vincent is a very well respected professional in the makeup industry. He wears many different hats under the one stylish signature hat of his - Makeup Artist, Educator, Beauty Editor, the list goes on. He is quite the inspiration!

I hope that my interview with James Vincent will help give you some good insight on who he is and some new makeup tips to use this summer! 

To start off, what is your impression of Texas?

I love Texas. I find the friendly nature of the people and the polished look of Texas women to be very exciting for me as a makeup artist.

Describe a typical day in your life.

My typical day tends to start with a large iced coffee and either stepping on set to do makeup, in a school mentoring about makeup, or at my desk writing about makeup.  But either way makeup seems to be a part of my every day. 

I also like to spend time finding inspiration as a makeup artist. I need to keep myself motivated and designing makeup applications, so I find inspiration in music, art museums and the world around me. This allows me to ensure that in every application I am bringing something new and exciting.  I also tend to work with other makeup artists every day. If I am not leading a workshop I am planning some things for the future to help continue to build my makeup community. And my night tends to end with me passing out while watching an episode of my favorite show, The Golden Girls. 

How do you decompress after a long day's work?

Either with a shot of whiskey, time with friends, or watching The Golden Girls. 

Who was your first celebrity makeup job?

My first celebrity makeup job that I got paid money to do was TLC.

First cover job/editorial?

My first editorial job was many years ago and was for a local magazine when I was living in Atlanta, called Creative Loafing, and that was also my first cover.

My first major publication was for Paper Magazine. a magazine that I always admired before I started doing makeup.

In all the years of your career, what's been the single most favorite memorable moment?

The most memorable moment of my career so far, as a lover of rock and roll, a child of the 90s, and a music fanatic, was the induction of Nirvana into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Working with icons like Joan Jett and the surviving members of Nirvana was a moment in music history I am proud to be a part of. Also working on iconic videos like Lady Gaga, "Born This Way", and seeing my makeup copied as Halloween costumes is also always very exciting.  

What is your skincare regimen?

My personal skin care regimen is pretty basic. I love Dr. Bronners' soaps for everything. I'm also a big fan of TwinMedix and use their exfoliator and oxygen products to keep my skin looking healthy. My moisturizer is pretty simple: I use coconut oil for my face and beard, and an array of beard oils to keep everything in place.  I also use the Artist's Secret undereye moisturizer from Embryolisse and Mario Badescu rosewater, aloe and herb toner when I'm traveling.

What are your favorite products by Ardency Inn?

For Ardency Inn choosing a favorite product is like choosing a favorite child, but if I had to choose three, I'd say Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate, which allows me to do anything I need by achieving coverage that guarantees that the skin looks flawless while also looking like natural skin.  Ardency Inn Modster Pencils and Pigments allow me to achieve an endless array of looks that last all day and night, and Punker Eyes Like Fire Shadow is the perfect water-proof cream eyeshadow for delivering the deepest, richest, and most intense black that stays in place as long as I need it to.

What is the best beauty advice you've ever received?

Smile. Anita Roddick, who created The Body Shop, and was one of my first mentors, was very big on delivering the message that makeup and skin care were more about bringing out the natural beauty of a woman, and not about hiding or covering--and that nothing completed a makeup look like a true smile.

Summer is in full swing! What are a few makeup/beauty products you recommend that can fight back heat and humidity?

Waterproof and long-lasting are key terms to look for when building the ideal summer makeup kit. Start with waterproof foundation like MAKE UP FOR EVER Face and Body Liquid Makeup for sheer coverage.  It will even out the skin tone and allow for sweat-proof beauty.  Next, look to powders that help keep everything in place. INGLOT 3S Mattifying Pressed Powder or NARS Invisible Powder are ideal for adding long-wear durability to the most natural or dramatic makeup application.  

Eyebrows are also essential for any Texas makeup lover. Let Anastasia's Dipbrow or Senna Cosmetics Brow Fix bring you the perfect eyebrow application every time - also waterproof and worry free.

Cream eyeshadows come in a variety of waterproof formulation and a variety of colors.  Some of my favorites are MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Matic Eye Shadow, NARS Cream Eyeshadow, and Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow.

Focusing on lips is a great way to get impact in a makeup application without the worry of summertime heat.  Try a sheer stain like Pinnacle Cosmetics or a bold long wear matte like Temptu Lipsticks for a perfect lip that stays put. Finish it all off with a setting spray like Skindinavia or MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix to keep your makeup in place in the most intense heat and humidity.

Don't forget the body for a beautiful summer look--Gleam by Melanie Mills in Rose Gold or Yellow Gold is beautiful on the shoulders, d├ęcolletage and legs for the perfect summer glow.

Not only is it summer but wedding season is also in full effect! What makeup looks are trending for bridals this year? 

Winged liner is back and beautiful. For a sexy summer makeup look try MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner, Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Liquid Liner pen, or Crown Brush Studio Glam Liner for soft kitten liner looks that work for day or night.

Blush makes a big return for this summer season. Pair NARS Contour blushes with a bronzer or try Senna Cosmetics Cheeky Blush Palette for perfect glowing summer skin.  

Lastly, it's all about the lips.  Dare to go unexpectedly dark this summer with bold burgundy and berry shades like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Dahlia, INGLOT Cosmetics Matte Lipstick no. 412, or Ellis Faas lip color in Dark Blood.  Another great trend to help hold everything in place in summer's heat and humidity is to use a setting spray like Model In A Bottle Original Setting Spray or Skindinavia to set your makeup without powder. 

Contouring has been one of the latest makeup trends across social media, what advice can you give to someone who is a novice in makeup?

Stop looking at Instagram to learn your contour techniques. Contouring is understanding the relationship between light and shadow. Look at bringing light to the highest points of the face and shadow where the shadows naturally fall to achieve a contouring look that looks natural and effortless.

What is your favorite waterproof makeup product?

My favorite waterproof makeup product right now is MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Black, which allows me to achieve any eye look from very natural to very dramatic with a  beautiful black that stays put in every situation. I also love MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua line, which allows me to make any product in my kit durable and waterproof.

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  1. This was a great interview Liz! I leaned alot about James and he gave some great makeup tips!

  2. Bold burgundy and berry for summer, okay so I've got that down. He liked the Golden Girls, why am I not surprised lol! great interview James is so fun!

  3. Thanks so much Erica! I think you're one who's always on par with what's trending so I'm sure you've got a beautiful stash of burgundy and berry lips ready on hand! Lol, oh yes, it's so cute to hear James express his love for The Golden Girls! He's definitely an amazing and sweet being!

  4. Thanks so much Tanya! I hope you've been doing well! I hope you'll get to meet James one day! He's definitely an inspiration and an amazing being!