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Friday, August 28, 2015

August Beauty Favorites

Happy Friyay! I can't believe that school is back in session and fall is around the corner! I'm excited for plaid button ups, black skinnies/leggings, booties, vamp lips, and dark smoky eyes!

I rarely share a monthly favorites simply because I use the same products (despite of the size of my beauty stash) for months at a time. I figured that it's time to shake things up a bit on my blog - will try my best to share more favorites with y'all more often and I'm actually sharing one right on time this month! Yay!

  • Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray (Oil Control) -  My face and Texas summer don't like each other! It's a love/hate relationship - thus why the Skindinavia setting spray is my summer staple. I actually like to use this all year round - during the cold seasons, I spray this on before I leave the house for a special occasion to make sure my makeup stays put.
  • HydraFacial MD UV Smart Daily Sunscreen SPF 40 -  I haven't posted a review on this sunscreen yet but ever since I got it when I went to get my HydraFacial treatment, I've pushed my other sunscreen aside and have been using this on a daily. It's fast-absorbing and not greasy at all! 

  • Urban Decay Naked2 - I've been obsessed with cool neutral tones lately and my Naked 2 palette has been the most loved palette this month. It's also helping me transition into fall makeup effortlessly. (Would you want to see a transitioning to fall makeup post? Let me know in the comments!) 

  • Ben Nye Banana Powder - Setting makeup with powder is trending again. You might also know it as "baking" or "cooking." It is simply setting your makeup - specifically the under-eye area where you apply concealer to keep your concealer in place. After applying your concealer (which gets applied after foundation), you take a wet sponge and use a generous amount of the powder to cover the blended concealer. You let it "bake" for a few minutes to let the powder absorb any excess oil then take a big fluffy brush and dust off the powder (don't blend the powder into your makeup!) When doing this step in your makeup routine, your makeup look can be kinda heavy but it photographs beautifully! I usually skip this step but have been doing this lately and I just love how it makes my selfies look lol. 
  • Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in Yellow - I've discovered a new love for yellow concealer! I've always been intimated about color correcting because I didn't know how to use them. I find that this yellow concealer by PF blends in with my skin and makes my face more flawless than (dare I say it?) my NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard. #nuffsaid
  • NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette - Just like what I said above, I've always been intimated by color correcting products simply because I never took the time to understand them until recently. I've learned from the real pros at The Makeup Show that you really can achieve a flawless makeup look without using too much products and avoid ending up with a thick cake face (who wants that??? Not I!) You can Google the palette to see exactly what each color is for. However if you're interested on what I have to say about this (a full review and break down on color correcting, etc.) let me know in the comments below! I've been using primarily green (to hide redness) and lavender (to brighten up dull patches) from this palette and I love it!
  • Ecotools Deluxe Fan Brush - Months ago, I grabbed this brush from my local drugstore after my makeup bestie told me about it. This is a really good brush to highlight with! I love the density of this brush as it picks up product easily and applies the product effortlessly. I find other drugstore fan brushes aren't as dense to my liking so Ecotools get two thumbs up from me!
  • Wayne Goss Brush 03 - I am still determine to get my hands on the entire brush collection by Wayne Goss. Until then, Brush 03 is one of the few babies I rock every time I reach for it (anyone else does treats their favorite brushes like a baby? No? Ok...).  This is a beautifully designed brush to apply color to your crease, all over your lids, and you can even use it as a highlighting brush for the bridge of your nose/brows/cupid's bow.
  • NUDE LIPPIES - It's sad because this summer I really wanted to break out bold and bright colors but I always end up going to my neutrals =X The latest nude/neutral lippies I've been obsessed with are... Top to Bottom: 
    • Gerard Cosmetics + @MannyMUA733's Hydra Matte in Serenity 

    • ColourPop Lippie Stix in Cookie

  • Pinrose Scents - At the Pinrose dinner I shared with y'all earlier this month, we received their Sampler Travel Pack as a gift and I've been trying to remember to use one every day to see which ones I like best. There's 12 scents total and in their Sampler Travel Pack you get 24 to go packets (2 of each scent). It's so hard to decide but I've been enjoying all of what I've tried so far!   

That was quite a lengthy read! I hope you enjoyed reading with me today! Are any of my favorites your favorites too? Let's chat in the comments below!


  1. Great favorites! I've been debating on getting a Naked palette for a while and I do like the Naked 2!

  2. I’m the same about color concealer. I’ve never tried any and never took the time to understand how to use it either. I will have to try it out soon. I love Ecotools brushes but apparently have never got their fan brush. I will need to get it now. Btw love your selfies, looking gorgeous as
    always. Love this favorites post. I look forward for your future ones. :)
    Sincerely Renny

  3. Thanks so much Andrea! Out of all the Naked Series, 1 and 2 are my most favorite! If you want warmer neutrals, get 1 and for cool tone neutrals, definitely 2 for the win! xx

  4. Hi Renny!! I hope you've been doing well! I've missed you sweet sista! I definitely recommend spending some time reading into color concealers/color theory (charts, wheels, etc.). It's really helpful in understanding what colors can help cancel out what, etc. Oh yes definitely get the EcoTools fan brush! It works really good with highlighting powders :) Thank you for your always sweet words! xoxo

  5. Great faves and gorgeous selfies love! I have not tried "baking" or color correct but it's one I definitely want to try!

  6. Thank you so much love! Oooh I think you will like the baking process and color correct - it really does make a difference in photos! Skin looks so much smoother and flawless hehe.