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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beauty Subscription: Play! by Sephora Subscription

It's the first day of fall!!! Can y'all believe that the year will be over soon? Oh how time flies when you're having fun!

Enough chit chat because we know why you're here! You want the good deets on the Play! by Sephora subscription box and I'm here to share!

I'll try to keep my focus on Sephora alone but there's going to be some comparisons to my old subscription services (for those who don't have a subscription yet and wants to know which one to get).


Boxes start shipping the third full week of the month. Credit cards are billed on the 9th of each month.

I received a shipment notification via email from Sephora last Friday morning and got my box yesterday afternoon so that was quite fast (compare to my old Birchbox and Ipsy subscription)!

Sephora ships out their Play! boxes via UPS Mail - meaning UPS coordinates (hands your package over to your regular post office) with USPS for final delivery.

Box Size (& Comparisons)

I couldn't find an empty Ipsy bag to add in on the size comparisons but know that the Play! box is definitely the biggest one compare to both Ipsy and Birchbox.

From the Sephora site, the dimensions on the shipping carton measures 7 7⁄16" x 7 7⁄16" x 2 3⁄8".

The width of both boxes (shown above) are the same, just that the Play! box is taller.

If you're a sucker for CUTE PACKAGING like me, then we both know that the Play! box wins. You can use the box for anything - you can use it as a giftbox, storage, the possibilities are endless! Check out my Pinterest boards for some inspiration <3

The Goods!

You get 6 deluxe samples and a cute little catalog which goes into more deets on what each product is about, along with cool tips and tricks on how to get more use out of the products!

This month, the theme is Uncover the Essentials - which fits perfectly because all of the items we received in this month's box are truly essentials to have! I know and trust that Sephora knows what they're talking about - believe me, I've been shopping there for quite a few years now and my VIB Rouge status can back it up lol!

From left to right (top to bottom):

In the back of the catalog, there's a Sephora Play! Pass which helps you interact more with Sephora.

The Play! Pass gives you access to one-on-one advice with a Sephora Beauty Expert, mini-makeovers, and my most favorite is that when you purchase something at Sephora and have the cashier scan your Play! Pass card, you get 50 extra BI points credited to your account!

Is it worth it?

YES #nuffsaid. 

The subscription cost is $10.00 (U.S.D. before state tax). So you'll see $10.xx (whatever your state tax % is) on your card statement.

I couldn't rave enough about this box to my Husband last night (bless his heart for putting up with me  and my crazy shenanigans lol). He told me that Sephora should have came out with a subscription service a long time ago, I looked at him in awe and was like IKR?!?!?! (He totally gets me! xo lol)

While the Play! Box is still slowly rolling out - you can jump ahead by getting on their wait list - if a spot opens up, Sephora will send you an email for you to hurry and claim your spot!

Full roll-out will be early 2016. You can check all of the Play! FAQs here.

I am really happy (can you sense the tone throughout this post? lol) with my Play! box and feel that Sephora has set a standard for themselves - I'm hoping that all of the upcoming boxes will be just as great or even better! There's no going back now, Sephora (please don't disappoint!).

Thanks so much for reading with me! I hope that this helps kill the curiosity a bit.

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  1. Signed up on the wait list *finger crossed*

  2. AHHHHHH!!!!!! You are so lucky! I can't wait for them to launch nationally. My main pet peeve with other subscription services is their lack of high end brands. This looks so perfect! Xx

  3. So jelly right now! I'm totally on the #waitlist! Hopefully I get moved to an open spot soooooon! Thanks for the informative review! Hee hee.

    Were you happy with the Elizabeth and James? Which one smells better, the white or black?

  4. I love those little lacquers by Sephora, I have to break them out again this fall!

  5. Hey Ashley! Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you get a box soon!! xx

  6. HI Meaghan! Thanks so much for visiting! I am excited for Sephora's big launch! Did you get on the wait list? If you did, I hope that you do get one soon! I completely agree with you about the lack of high end brands with other sub boxes - so happy Sephora is on board with the whole sub service! xx

  7. Yay!!! I'm glad that you got on! I hope you get one soon!!! xo

    YES I love the Elizabeth and James! The E&J White smells FAB but I do not remember what the E&J Black perfume smells like :(

  8. Hey Erica! I've never tried them before so I'm excited to wear Peony - it's perfect for fall! Thanks for visiting!

  9. This looks like a great value. I'd be happy!! I'm still on the waitlist, but my fingers are crossed it will open up soon!

  10. Hi Amber! I hope you get in when the next slot is available! You'll love this subscription service, I'm sure! xx

  11. OMG, I want this cute box so bad! I just signed up on the wait list. Wish me luck girl!
    xx, Gina

  12. I hope you get your subscription soon love! Thank you for visiting! xo