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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Beauty Favorites

Happy Halloween!!! I had to squeeze in my monthly favorites on a weekend because next week, I've got a bunch of good stuff to share with you and also it's a great way to entertain you this weekend if you're chillin and wanted something light to read :)

So I've been obsessing and loving about a handful of things...

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

I have sensitive teeth so I have to be careful about what oral care products I use. Prior to using Crest 3D White, I used Sensodyne ProNamel for years. However ProNamel wasn't effective for whitening and brightening my pearly whites. As an avid coffee drinker, I know my fellow coffee junkies can relate on how coffee stains our teeth over time.

I've been using this toothpaste for about a month now and I LOVE it! It doesn't bother my sensitive teeth and I remember after my first use, how impressed I was with whitening. I've been much more confident with my smile thanks to this toothpaste!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

This is an oldie but never the less, it still needs love and I've definitely been giving my Chocolate Bar palette a lot of love this month! It's a perfect warm palette for this season and the chocolate scent is divine! For my chocolate lovers, be careful to try not to eat your eye-shadows lol, I recommend you having some chocolate candy on hand in case the chocolate craving kicks in (which I guarantee it will!).

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in 'Lolita'

Highly popular among makeup artists and junkies alike, Lolita has been re-formulated a few times and just recently Kat Von D has released an official sister to Lolita deemed as Lolita II which is a terra cotta nude versus Lolita being a chestnut rose shade.

I'm beyond obsessed with my Lolita - it's been my go to lip color almost this entire month and I'll be wearing it til I have no more. Lolita is the best fall lip color - you should definitely pick one up if you can get a hold of one!

Nuturing Force Twinkle not Wrinkle Eye Cream + Base/ HD Primer

I discovered Nurturing Force at The Makeup Show last September and received this as  gift from them at this year's show back in June.

The masterminds behind Nurturing Force is this lovely couple who I adore, they're just so sweet and were so informative about their products. The philosophy behind Nurturing Force is to provide high quality professional makeup with a natural solution.

For my eco-cautious beauty babes, you gotta check them out not only because the line has excellent quality but they're also Paraben and Cruelty free.

I seriously love how this cream is a TRIPLE THREAT. It's an eye cream, eye-shadow primer, AND a lip primer. YUP. It's ultra moisturizing and absorbs FAST. It holds my eye-shadows and lip color pretty well for an 8 hour day. Definitely check them out!

Elizabeth Mott Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne

If you've been following me for some time, you know that my holy grail mascara is Elizabeth Mott's It's So Big Mascara!

I've rediscovered and have been loving ALL of my Elizabeth Mott products especially their Champagne eye-shadow. Not only do I use it as an eye-shadow (highlight the middle of my eyelids and inner corner of my eyes) but I do use this to highlight the bridge of my nose and cupid's bow as well.

Jouer Anti-Blemish Treatment Concealer

I love the max full coverage this concealer provides. It blends out easily and for my beauties who are dealing with a pimple, this is THE concealer to use to cover up that pesky zit because it contains Salicylic Acid to help TREAT it too!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

When Smashbox released this Primer Water, I was confused... Was I suppose to spray this on before applying my makeup? Use it after my makeup application to SET? I tried this Primer Water both ways and it didn't work for me. It didn't hold up my makeup - so for the longest time it started to collect dust on my makeup stand.

One day I ran out of water in my little makeup spray bottle when I was trying to wear an eye-shadow wet, so I reached for this and WOW. I really love how the Primer Water brings out the vibrancy in my shimmery eye-shadows! It works better than water so now this is what I've been using the Primer Water for.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Aside from the retinol moisturizer I've been using, the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is my all over moisturizer for both day and night. It provides the perfect amount of hydration without the grease. For those seeking a dewy skin look, this is the product for you.

For my oily skin babes who wants to try this but are unsure of what it will do to your skin, Embryolisse has their Hydra-Mat moisturizer which mattifies while providing the moisture your skin needs.

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colours

I don't know if SK carries the Russian Roulette and Two Cents shades anymore (I got these in the fall of 2013 lol) but these are the two colors I've been loving for this fall. Russian Roulette is described as a metallic black ruby and Two Cents is a metallic copper orange.

So this sums up my October favorites! I hope you enjoyed reading and tell me if any of these are your favorites also! Let me know what you've been loving this month, I feel the need to go shopping again and try something new lol!

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  1. Happy Halloween! Loved reading your favorites as many of these are new to me. I really want to try the Embryolisse moisturizer and the Jouer concealer. They sound like amazing products.

  2. Happy Halloween!!!! The chocolate bar palette sounds great - I've swatched it many times in store but haven't actually purchased it before! The colours are gorgeous though and smells amazing :)
    I also really want to try the famous Kat Von D liquid lipsticks in Jeffree and Lolita :))


  3. I picked up the Lolita and Lolita II from Sephora and can't wait to try them out! Great favorites Liz and love the pictures!!


  4. I hope you had a great Halloween Lauren! Thanks so much, I really appreciate your feedback - this motivates me to stay on top of sharing my monthly favorites with you and everyone even more! Definitely check out the Embryolisse moisturizer and the Jouer concealer - both products are amazing! This Jouer concealer is like nothing else I've used before, I plan to share a full review with swatches soon! xx

  5. Hi Fifi! Thank you so much! If you're shopping for a warm neutral palette, I definitely recommend the TF Chocolate Palette, it's well worth the money! But if you've already got plenty of neutral shadows stashed away in your makeup collection and can pair dupes of what you have to the Chocolate Palette, then you can probably skip out on it and won't miss it much :)

    Lolita was hard for me to buy because it was always sold out - so once I found just ONE left at my Sephora, I snatched it up without any hesitation.

    Jeffree is a gorgeous shade but for some reason, I don't have it lol - I do have Berlin which is a bit more brighter than Jeffree. I'm going to have to swatch this color the next time I visit Sephora :)

  6. I can't wait to see your beautiful pics of you wearing both shades! Thanks so much Andrea! xx

  7. I really need to show my Chocolate Bar palette some more love, it's been collecting dust. LOL! Great favorites love!

  8. LOL Lily!!! I remember when you first bought the Chocolate Bar palette too! Definitely bring that ole baby back out my love! Thank you! xoxo

  9. Great favorites love! I have the Nurturing Force cream as well but haven't tried it as a lip primer, I'll try that tomorrow! I am inloove with Embryolisse Lait-Creme too! It really is the most hydrating moisturizer out there. I have been wearing my KVD Lolita all Fall too, when I'm not in the mood for vampy lips.

  10. Thank you love! Let me know how you like the Nurturing Force cream as a lip primer. It benefits my super dry lips tremendously! Once I started using Embryolisse, I couldn't go back to my old moisturizers or attempt to find a new one because I love this one so much lol! I haven't worn a vampy lip yet but it's coming! Lolita is just too perfect to change up and wear anything else :)