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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Make Time For Yourself with When Masks!*

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Lately, my schedule has been crazy busy but I've managed to squeeze in some time to pamper myself with a When mask.

When offer a versatile range of environmentally-friendly and comfortable masks that provides a simple, hassle-free yet fun experience in skin care for the special ‘me-moments.'

With its innovation in using bio-cellulose sheets, When instantly transport beneficial nutrients into the skin and provide instant hydration. Fun fact! Despite its light weight, the bio-cellulose sheet can hold essence 100 times its weight, that is 10 times more than fabric or paper mask sheets.

Wearing the When 10:00 PM Mask

I've really enjoyed these When masks very much and am pleased with the results. My complexion is hydrated and supple. I use the masks at night before I go to bed and find myself not needing to apply moisturizer or serum afterwards. The next morning, my complexion is soft and smooth!

There are five different When masks in the collection: Travelmate, 10PM, Snow Magic, Glamour Base, The Last Choice.

When Glamour Base Sheet Mask - Prep your complexion before wearing makeup with a When Glamour Base for even-toned and supple-looking skin.
When Snow Magic - For dewy glowing skin, brighten your complexion with Snow Magic!
When 10:00 PM - For tired skin, rejuvenate and restore your complexion with the 10:00 PM mask.

Have you tried When masks before? Let's chat in the comments below!

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