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The Blog - My Pretty Obsessions

My Pretty Obsessions is a beauty and personal style blog based in Dallas, TX. The focus is to provide good insight and tips on beauty products and trends that can be accessible and achieved by the normal everyday girl. All content is written, swatched, and photographed by me, Liz Outh. Please read the Disclosures for further information.

4th Grade back in 1997 :)
The Editor - Liz Outh

I strongly believe that when one looks good, they FEEL good, actually much better than good, they feel AMAZING.

As a ISFJ personality type, My Pretty Obsessions became my outlet for creative writing. My love for beauty fuels my love for writing became the staple statement for my blog because it is true.

Present Day

I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband, Sunny and our two [awesome] children.

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*Media Kit available upon request.