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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beauty Review: philosophy take a deep breath

For the longest time now, I've been on a hunt for my HG facial moisturizer and so far no luck =( For a long time, I switched between Clinique 'Moisture Surge' (summer time) and Clinique 'Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion' (winter time). Unfortunately, it was getting too expensive to keep up with and so I had to say goodbye to those two lovely moisturizers. 

Since then, I've been going through trial and errors with different moisturizers but I haven't been too open to trying too many because I don't want to break out. After Clinique, I've been looking into drugstore moisturizers. I've gone through tinted moisturizers by Avon's Mark line and Maybelline BB Cream, and regular moisturizers such as Cetaphil and Garnier Moisture Rescue... Nothing has worked well for me. 

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the philosophy 'take a deep breath' gel cream moisturizer. 

- What is said on the product packaging:
  • "lightweight gel cream hydrator helps diffuse energizing oxygen to the skin as needed for a healthy-looking glow
  • enriched with a blend of antioxidants to help protect skin from environmental attack
  • oil-free formula leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and comfortable"
- Packaging:
  • This moisturizer comes in a round, plastic container. The weight of the product is 2 fl. oz. (60 ml).
  • I would prefer a moisturizer in a pump for sanitary purposes. Even though my hands are clean when I apply my moisturizers and makeup, I hate having to dip my fingers into a container.
- Finish and Consistency:
  • The texture of this moisturizer is a nice and cool gel cream which I really like. Being said that this is a GEL cream, have no worries, there's no sticky feeling at all once I tried this on my face. 
  • Okay, so this is where the biggest disappointment was for me which overall made me not like this particular moisturizer by philosophy AT ALL (it's so sad to say, really because I really wanted to love this product). Once I applied this moisturizer on my face one night after my shower, I couldn't help but notice how shiny my face was. So I took a closer look in the mirror and realized that what was making my face so shiny is the tiny tiny specks of shimmer that came from the moisturizer. I use Clearasil face wash and so I knew it was not my face wash that had shimmer in it. I've used this moisturizer twice thinking maybe the shimmer is forgivable that maybe it's not noticeable but to me I noticed it so much that it bothered me and unfortunately, I pushed this little jar back in the back of my beauty product stash. 
  • So I brought this jar back out and figured why not go ahead and do a review. To let others be aware that there IS shimmer in this product. I opened this jar back up for a third time so I can do a swatch for this review. Below is a before and after picture of my hand without the moisturizer and then with it (there is a subtle shine difference after the moisturizer dries). You can clearly see little specks of shimmer in it.

- Overall...
  • This moisturizer is oil free which is great for those who have oily or sensitive skin, this can suit your skin nicely. 
  • It is a very hydrating moisturizer. I felt like my face was thoroughly quenched after I applied this on. My skin felt very soft and smooth! Another benefit is that this moisturizer doesn't take long to absorb or dry. 
  • If you do not mind the shiny shimmer like I do, I say that this is a nice moisturizer to use (especially during the summer since the gel cream is very cooling once you've applied this to your face). 
- Price
  • This 2 fl. oz. jar costs $34 U.S.
What is your favorite facial moisturizer that you can't live without? 


  1. I feel the same way about this moisturizer. I had some samples of it and I was so confused by the shimmer, why is there shimmer?! I felt it was almost too moisturizing and it broke me out a bit.

    I've been using Juice beauty stem cellular repair moisturizer and I think it just might be my new favorite. I received it in one of my popsugar boxes and was going to give it to my mom but she hates anything that smells like lemon. So I figured what the heck I'll give it a try and turns out I really like it.

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Girl I honestly do not know why either on why there is shimmer in the product. I personally think the shimmer is in there to back up their claim on that 'healthy-looking glow' they have on the package... I've heard so many good things about philosophy. I'm willing to give their other products a try (but it's just so pensey, I'll wait to snag a sample first lol). I'm sorry (that this didn't work for you) but then glad that we share the same thought on this moisturizer!

      I'm going to have to look into the Juicy beauty stem repair moisturizer and give that a try. Thanks hun!