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Friday, July 19, 2013

Beauty Review: Flower Beauty Makeup by Drew Barrymore

Even though my hunt for a coral lipstick is over, I couldn't help but snag this pretty thing up when I was shopping. Have you heard of the Flower brand? It is only being sold exclusively at Walmart right now.

What I appreciate so much from this brand is that they do not do animal testing. Which really does make me feel good about putting a product on my face knowing that these products were not put on animals first. 

The packaging is nice and sturdy. The design is similar to a Revlon lipstick but the packaging is a bit different. It is not round all the way. It's round but then one side (the side that says FLOWER) is flat. 

This lipstick is very creamy and pigmented. It applies on my lips nice and smoothly. You get a shiny vibrant finish with this particular lipstick line (there is another lipstick line by Flower call Velvet Lip Color). 

There are a few other shades that I would like to go back and purchase and I would also like to try out the Velvet Lip Colors as well. I will definitely keep you posted on these lipsticks as I buy more!

I purchased this lipstick in the shade "Coral Floret," and it retails for $6.97.

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