My Pretty Obsessions | Lifestyle Blog: This Week's Nails 7/29/13

Monday, July 29, 2013

This Week's Nails 7/29/13

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I woke up quite early this morning and decided to go ahead and get my nails done and out of the way before my little boy wakes up and we get ready to go run some errands today.

This week's nail polish is my most favorite blue polish by Essie. The shade is called 'Avenue Maintain.' It's been a while since I've worn it and so I decided to bring it out this week =)

Did you make any beauty purchases this past weekend? I bought a few items that I am super excited to test out and swatch as well as write to share with you what all I bought! Stay tune for a first impressions post!


  1. Love this blue! I didn't purchase anything beauty related over the weekend but I sure wanted too ;)

    1. Thank you Ashley!!! Lol, omg I can't wait to get a chance to sit and swatch my new stuff for you to see =)