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Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Beauty Haul

Today I was able to get my pictures together of a few beauty items I purchased this past weekend.

I am so excited and can't wait to play around with the Smashbox Master Class Palette 2 and test the Loreal Miracle Blur!

Smashbox 'Line and Define' Five-Piece Brush Set

I purchased this cute set from Nordstrom for $39 (U.S. before tax). When I travel, I really dislike packing so so much makeup. I figured this nice little travel size set would be convenient for travel as well for those times when I'm in a hurry to get out the door. I can throw this set (comes with a cute silver pouch) in my purse and go. 

Please note that these are travel sized brushes (I have it compared side by side to my Softlips chapstick). They are not the full sized brushes. I don't want you to be disappointed thinking that this set is a full size set if you want to go buy them.

beauty spoon

I purchased this from Walmart for $5.98 (U.S. before tax). This is a very practical beauty tool! Not only can you use this to scoop out product that is hard to get out from a container but you can also use this to scoop out creams or foundations without having to dip your finger into the jar to prevent bacteria and germs breeding in your cosmetics! 

This spoon measures 7 inches in length. It has a sturdy handle, comfortable for you to grasp on. I couldn't find the product on the Walmart website but if you are planning to purchase it from there, this item should be at the beauty tools section. I did put the website link to the direct manufacturer. I noticed that they have a special on there for TWO beauty spoons for $9.99 + free shipping (doh! I missed out! lol)! 

Smashbox Master Class Palette 2

I bought this palette at Sephora for $59 (U.S. before tax). I'm still drooling over this palette! It sucks that I don't have time to sit still and swatch these yet. My hands are itching to do so! I have been eyeing this palette for quite some time and after seeing so many great reviews on this pretty baby, I finally convinced my husband to let me buy this! In case you need to convince your husband, I convinced mine by letting him know that this is a great palette for when I'm on the go. It's such a convenient little book! (A massage for the hubs wouldn't hurt either *wink* lol)

This palette is AMAZING. There are 28 eyeshadows, 4 gel eyeliners, 5 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 2 highlighters. The possibilities of looks are endless! I am familiar with the quality of Smashbox cosmetics, so I just KNOW this palette will not disappoint. I can't wait to write a full review as well as give you some looks with this palette!

This product retails for $19.97 at my local Walmart. I printed a coupon from the Loreal website for $1.00 off any Loreal Paris product and so I got this for $18.97 (U.S. before tax). 

Lately, my Skindinavia Setting Spray hasn't been working so well for me. I'm not sure if it's because of the hot weather here in Texas or just my skin or maybe the combination of both weather and my skin, but the setting spray hasn't been controlling the oil on my face very well.

I've heard so many things about this Loreal Miracle Blur product. You will either love it or hate it. I'm hoping that this product will be in my good graces. 

This product acts as three things (two for me though). This product claims to be a sunscreen (SPF 30), moisturizer, and primer in one. I purchased the non SPF product because I want to be able to wear it at night and in case photos are taken, I don't want to have that white cast (the SPF) under my face to show up in pictures making my face look whiter than what it is.

I've tested this on my hand and I do notice how this Miracle Blur makes the surface evenly smooth and a nice base to apply makeup on. However I tested this on my hand, the real test is to see how it will handle the longevity of my makeup!

So that's all that I purchased this past weekend and my thoughts on everything thus far. 

Stay tune for my full reviews on the Smashbox Master Class 2 Palette and the Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur!

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