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Monday, July 8, 2013

This Week's Nails 7/8/13

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is the first day of the Summer II term (6 weeks summer college course) for me. I am a business management major and the class I am taking in this term is Business Mathematics. I plan on logging into my class and getting stuff done once I put my son down for his nap!

To give you all a bit more insight on my education... I am currently obtaining my A.A.S in Business Administration at the community college close to home. Some courses I take online and some I go on campus for night classes. This coming fall term will be my last semester before I can submit my transcript for review to receive my Associates diploma.

Once I have completed with my Associates degree, I plan to transfer to a university to get my Bachelors in Business Management.

Okay enough of the boring stuff! I just thought I would share a bit of what's going on in my Monday this week!

The point of my post today is... Nail polish Monday!!! Lol, really I think I'm going to call it my Weekly Nail Polish post. I'll post some pictures of what my nails look like for that week =)

Inspired by my new mint colored shorts my awesome husband bought for me... I decided to polish my nails a pastel color this week.

Shorts are by Mossimo at Target ($19.99)

Nail polish is by Pure Ice (I've had this polish for quite some time and the label came off, now I forgot what it is called).

The glitter I used for my accent nail is by Fergie call Flossy Flossy.

Both nail polishes were purchased by me at Walmart.

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