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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beauty Review: Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Dark Spot Corrector

Light/Medium Shade
A CC cream is a color correcting cream that fades imperfections, evens complexions, and prevents future discoloration. 
I was at Nordstrom and asked for a sample at the Smashbox counter. Here is a synopsis  on what the Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream offers:

"Makeup with the benefits of skincare? Yes, please! This color-correcting cream is a game-changer with its proven ability to visibly lessen the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, and post-acne marks instantly and over time. The advanced, lightweight formula neutralizes and brightens skin for a more even complexion, while it primes, perfects, protects with SPF 30, moisturizes, and controls oil. CC the difference!" 

This particular CC cream comes in five shades: Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, and Dark. 

I asked for a sample of the Light/Medium shade. 

- Application:
  • I used my fingers to apply the product to my face. I think using a brush will just waste product (since I'm using a sample size, I want to make it last as much as I can... What? I'm cheap, don't judge me, lol jk!)
  • I did not use a primer or a setting spray, the first time I used the CC cream. I wanted to test out the product all by itself. 
  • This cream dries fast, so I suggest you work on one area of your face at a time.
  • The second time I did use a face primer (Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro).
Finish and Consistency:
  • This cream has a thick consistency, and so for me, a little goes a long way. The sample I received is in a tiny container and I've used it a few times already and I've barely put a dent through it. So this sample size will last me a while =)
  • Because of the thick consistency, this cream reminds me of a foundation? Maybe that's just me... lol
  • This CC cream does even out my skin tone (I have some slight discoloration on my face) which I really like! 
  • I've also noticed my skin is brighter as well which is really nice for my dull, sensitive skin.
  • Without the help of a makeup primer or setting spray, this CC cream has amazing staying power! It stayed on my face all day long, no smudging or transferring. 
  • I did not need to blot or touch up my face during the day. 
Is it worth it?
  • You can purchase this from Smashbox, Nordstrom, Sephora, or wherever you can get a hold of Smashbox products. 
  • You get 1 fl. oz. for $42 (U.S. before tax).
  • YES! I think that this CC cream by Smashbox is worth the splurge. The product does its job! However, since I'm so budget restricted, I may shop around for a drugstore cream to try. If I can't find one that suits my needs, then at least I know where I can go to grab one of these baybays up!
What are your thoughts on a CC cream? Have you tried this particular one by Smashbox yet? Let me know what you think! Any recommendations is welcome!


  1. Looks great! I can definitely tell the difference! I don't even think you really need the primer lol. BUT... $42 is a little too rich for my blood right now, though lol. I'm sure there's a good dupe out there for much less. However, I think that I'll be trying out the Green Photo Finish Primer by SB for redness. I have a ton of redness and I want to see if that will work for me! :)

    1. Hi hun! Yeah, I was just testing out the primer too (stay tune for that review!). Haha, I agree, the price is steep but luckily the girls at Nordstrom were nice to give samples when you ask them =) I hope to find a good drugstore dupe though because it would kinda hurt my heart to shell out $42 for a face cream. Oh yes definitely give that primer a try! I get pink in some areas of my face and the green SB primer works well to even it out. I hope you it will work for you too! xoxo

  2. I haven't tried a cc cream myself, but it looks like it's working great on you. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Hi Yun!

      Have you tried any BB creams love? I'm on a hunt for a BB cream to wear on days when I just want extremely light coverage. I've used the Maybelline BB cream but it makes my face really oily. I'll be using this sample til I run out. In the meantime, I'm on a hunt for a budget friendly CC/BB cream.