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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beauty Review: EcoTools Six Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set

09/11/01 - We will never forget this day.

Hi beautifuls!

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on this lovely brush set by EcoTools! I purchased this a while ago from Target, you can check out my Target haul post here! Prior to purchasing this set, I already own the Mineral Set by EcoTools and so I knew I would just love more of their brushes!

EcoTools brushes have amazing craftsmanship and quality! I absolutely love all of my EcoTools brushes. They have never shed or fallen apart on me. The brushes are super soft and grabs product well. I can even vouch this as one of the best drugstore makeup brushes to buy!
Going from left to right in the above picture:

Detailed Lip/Liner Brush

So sorry this wasn't clean when I took this picture! I was using it to apply my sample of an UD lipstick =) This brush works amazingly well! It doubles as a lip lining brush as well as applying lipstick all over the lip! The brush is dense and sturdy. I love how precise this brush outlines my lips! I am considering of going back to buy another one for backup! 

Pointed Concealer Brush

This is my first pointed concealer brush! All of my other concealer brushes are flat. I really like using this for my liquid concealers. Instead of using the wand that comes with the brush, I use this brush instead (to avoid trapping bacteria in my concealer with the wand). This is the perfect brush to dab a bit of product on and blend with.

Powder Brush

OH EM GEE ladies (and fellas)! By far, this is my absolute favorite powder blush... dare I say it? EVER!!! It's SO SO soft (I've washed these brushes a few times already!) and it's still as soft as when I took it out of the package. This picks up loose powder very well and seldom is there any product fall out. I love this brush very much and my little tot just loves it when I sweep this brush on his face because he likes how it tickles him =)

Stay-There Shadow Brush

This brush is thick and dense which is nice because this is exactly what you want when applying your shadow all over the lids. This shadow brush picks up product well and there is barely any fall out from the brush when applying shadow to your eyelids.

Smudge Brush

This is a great smudge brush! I don't have a round smudge brush, the E.L.F. one that I have is flat. I really like to use this to blend shadows under my waterline. It's dense and firm but still soft enough to where it doesn't irritate under your eyes (the most delicate skin!).

Brush Clutch

I absolutely love this little brush clutch! It's small and slim. I like the fact that I can toss this in my bag and go! The brown and gold design is very pretty (matches my purse perfectly lol). There's little elastic loops inside the clutch to keep the brushes in place! No worries about the big powder brush's shape changing, etc., this clutch is designed specifically to hold all of these brushes so nothing will get ruined.

Overall, I'm sure you can see that I really love this set! The quality is superb and definitely worth the money in my book!

You can find this set at your local Walmart or Walgreens. This retails for $16.99 (U.S.D. before tax) but you can always find a coupon from the EcoTools website and Facebook page!

What are your favorite drugstore makeup brushes?

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