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Monday, September 30, 2013

Makeup 101: Highlighting & Contouring Part 2

Here's the second installment to my Highlighting & Contouring post! Check that out if you missed it!

The above picture was taken some time ago when I was experimenting on h&c UNDER my foundation. I saw Mally Roncol at  Mally Beauty doing this in a YouTube video and was curious to see if the effects would work for me! She had h&c under the foundation as well as over (what I normally do) to complete the look . 

I noticed that Mally used creamy formulas for h&c which made me instantly think of my Coastal Scents Concealer Eclipse Palette to use in my experiement!

This is the end result of my h&c under AND over my foundation...

I'm pretty sure you can tell that I'm SO cake faced! I applied my foundation all over like how I usually do... Keep in mind, I'm no professional makeup artist lol. I don't think that I did the technique correctly? I noticed Mally did mentioned in the beginning of the video to just use foundation where you need it? But I like everything to look nice, smooth, and even so I used foundation all over my face. 

Overall, I don't think I'll be doing this h&c technique under my foundation routine because my face felt SO thick and heavy. After a few hours, my face was just a huge mess. I ended up washing it all off and reapplied everything over minus the h&c under my foundation.

It could also be my concealer that I was using that didn't handle the job well? I'm not sure, I gave up on experimenting any further with this technique because I felt so discouraged and hated how cake faced I was.

Have you tried h&c under AND over your foundation in one look? If you've done this and had success with it, please share with me your tips and tricks! I would be willing to give this a try again if I hear some positive reviews from you guys! I mean yes, this technique obviously works because Mally Roncol is very credible and has been doing this for years whereas I'm not. It would definitely be encouraging if I hear it from the everyday girl like myself lol.

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