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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Makeup 101: Highlighting & Contouring

I don't have anything to review today (still testing out products before I can make my final verdict!) but wanted to share with you ladies about what products I use to highlight and contour (h&c) when I am putting on a full face to take on the day! 
H&C is to help draw out and sculpt your features. A few years ago I learned about contouring but never realized the importance of highlighting your face until earlier this year!

Highlighting gives you a glowing look that people can't figure out on why you look so good! The goal of highlighting is to get a reflective dewy look that looks like you just put moisturizer on.

Let's get a bit into what products and tools I use on the daily to h&c!

  • e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
    • As you can see, I LOVE this duo so so much! lol! We all know that this has been compared and duped to the infamous NARS Blush/Bronzer duo. I am so happy that e.l.f. created this pretty little thing because this is my main bronzer that I use when I contour my face.
  • NYX Blusher in Sand
    • I received this blush in my June Ipsy Glam bag and I really like it because not only do I use this as a blush but I use this to contour my face for those "lighter days" of wearing makeup. It's shimmery, soft, and subtle, great to contour and wear as a blush in one look for my "bronzed Goddess" days lol!
  • Benefit HOOLA Bronzing Powder
    • This is my favorite matte bronzing powder!!! On the high end that is. But for a drugstore dupe, I LOVE my NYC bronzer in Sunny! I like to use a matted bronzer when contouring my nose.

  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighting Pencil
    • I received this pencil in my June Ipsy Glam Bag as well! I absolutely love this pencil! The product goes on so nice and smooth. It blends out so easily (don't let this pencil fool you!) When blending, I like to use my index finger to blend this out.
  • e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip
    • I LOVE everything about this little gem. The texture and consistency is so soft and creamy. The scent is my absolute favorite! To me the scent of this product reminds me of the Fruity Pebbles cereal! I love using this to highlight right on my cupid's bow and anywhere else I want to light to reflect on my face. 
  • Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter
    • I received this as a birthday gift set from Sephora earlier this year. This little sample size is going to last me quite a while. I love this! It's the perfect neutral shade that blends in with my skin tone very well but still does its job of highlighting where I want it.

  • e.l.f Complexion Brush
    • I've had this brush for 3 solid years now! Best $3 I've ever spent! There was a few times where I had to hot glue the ferrule (the silver, well for this one, black part of the brush) together but I don't mind doing that and I still love it! I use this brush to blend out my blushes/bronzers and this brush does the job perfectly.
  • No name brand brush from Walmart...
    • This brush was a part of a brush set from Walmart. It was just a very basic set but the quality is amazing! All of the brushes are very dense and soft! This is a concealer brush but I use it to contour my big Asian nose ha! 
  • Bare Escentuals Angled Blush Brush
    • I got this brush as a free gift from when I ordered my very first set of the Bare Minerals makeup. I've had this brush for years now (since 2006?!?!) and I still love it! This is so soft and the quality is just exceptional (think about it, 7 years?!?! And still going strong!). This is one of my first makeup brushes and I just adore this little thing. It's the perfect brush for me to use to contour my entire face.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know if you like me to write more of these kind of posts to show what products and tools I use to do eyes, lips, face, etc.

Stay tune for a second installment to this post! I want to share with you an experiment I did on h&c UNDER my foundation (I always do it over my foundation). Here's a sneak peek!

What are your favorite products or tools to use when you h&c? 

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