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Friday, September 6, 2013

Makeup 101: Makeup Storage

I hope you are having a great Friday so far! Today I want to ask and talk to you about makeup storage. How do you store your makeup collection? I'm curious to know how everyone stores their precious jewels (only makeup junkies can understand how precious our beauty products are lol).

In the beginning of my makeup venture (back in 2008), I purchased a Sterilite storage container from my local Walmart to store my products.

Quick question and there is a point to this I promise! Have you ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians? I'll admit... I used to be a big fan of watching their show but after the season that ended with Khloe's and Lamar's wedding, I stopped because I honestly started getting headaches... At first I loved watching the show because of how close-knitted their family is. But now, I don't know... I just lost interest in watching the show. What's the word for it... they've become overrated? Maybe that's an understatement...

Okay but anyways! Back to my point of even bringing up the Kardashians. If you have watched their shows, have you noticed those big clear boxes that the sisters use to store their makeup? Doesn't that look just absolutely stunning? What a way to showcase your makeup collection right?

After noticing those amazing boxes, the first thing that came to my mind is I NEED that! I didn't care if I had to kick and scream like a little bratty child to my husband, I was DYING to get my hands on that!!!!

After doing much research, I discovered that those amazing boxes that I've seen on the KUWTK show is this:

Now remember just a second ago how I was sounding really bratty about wanting to get this? This is what made me stop throwing a tantrum (read the green button)....

Oh how my husband laughed hysterically at me when he saw the price for this beautiful box! My heart was shattered when I saw the price tag. 

After seeing how distress (I was seriously hormonal during this time because I was pregnant with my son lol) I was over wanting a new way to store my makeup products, my AMAZINGAWESOMESUPERHERO husband decided to MAKE me my own special custom box!

You see, my husband is a very very hands on, DIY type of person. He's very creative and just awesome like that lol.

After doing some extent research, my husband went to our local Lowes' store to purchase the needed tools and materials.

After waiting patiently for weeks, he made me this:

This is the final design concept. There were a few trial and errors that my husband went through. He first created a 3 drawer box (I told him that's too small LOL) and so I gave it to my mother-in-law to store her creams, etc. Then after consulting with my husband what I needed to suit my needs, he designed and created a 4 drawer box. He gave it to me to put my makeup in and... I still wasn't satisfied... I asked him to PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH SPRINKLES on top to design and make  me a 5 drawer box... Thus the picture above is the end result =D

So the box in the above picture is on my desk and my desk is located in our living room. In this box, I store my daily go to makeup products and keeping this box at my desk is very convenient because this is where I put on my makeup!

You may be wondering... if this box is for storing your current go to makeup products, where are all the others?

That my beautiful readers can be found here in my bedroom... =)

This is actually two boxes not one lol! The top box is the four drawer box my husband made before he started making the five drawer boxes. 

At the very top, I used my perfume box to store tall things that I can't fit into my clear boxes. In the four drawer box, I store random things such as my son's Vicks baby rub, bandages, hair clips, some of my jewelry, etc.

In my second five drawer box, this is where I store EVERYTHING that I've accumulated over the years. When I took the picture above, I figured why not and go ahead and take a pic of what's in each drawer for you to see? =)

Notice how I put everything in e.l.f. order? Get it? Eyes, lips, and face?... Sorry if that was corny...             (-____-) Hehe!

If I ever happen to overload on both 5 drawer boxes, I may have to clear the 4 drawer box for more storage (OR beg the husband to make another 5 drawer box?!?!?!)... I try not to go into makeup overload and so every now and then I go through my stash and see what I don't use at all anymore, etc. and give them to my family members or friends to have or even swap!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

How do you store your makeup? At what point is enough is enough to you as far as how big of a makeup collection to have?

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