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Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: Too Faced | "A Few of My Favorite Things" Set

 I was on a spending frenzy and after this splurge on the Too Faced "A Few of My Favorites" set, I decided no more spending for a while, thus the No Buy challenge came up.

"A Few of My Favorite Things" comes with a cute coordinating pouch that holds the palette, "Better than Sex" mascara, and an exclusive Lip Injection Color Bomb! in "Bee Sting."

Pictures does not do this set any justice! This palette is HUGE. I'm sure you've seen it on YouTube somewhere. I'm considering of doing mini YouTube videos on the product so you can get an idea on size, etc. To compare the palette size, I used my Smashbox Master Class II palette.

Apologies for my bad picture quality.

This palette consist of 20 eye shadows, matte and shimmer. There's also two blushes, two bronzers, and the palette has a little tri-fold pamphlet containing four looks you can create using the palette. (Sorry I didn't take a detailed picture of the pamphlet.)

I really want to truly love this palette 100% but I have a small problem with it... I wish TooFaced had made a more efficient decision with this palette. I honestly don't think the pamphlet is necessary to have in there. A mirror would have been nice or some more blushes and bronzers would have been better options. I would be willing to pay a few more dollars for the mirror or more blush/bronzer.

As always, I love Too Faced eye shadows. They are very soft and buttery. Shadows go on effortlessly and are very pigmented. 

"Coquet" is a light champagne shimmer shadow. It shows up as a white shimmer on my arm when I swatched but it really does show up as a champagne on my eyelids. "Taffy" is a pale pink shadow but doesn't show its color well on my arm.

I swatched these with no primer but I am sure Taffy will show up well on my lids with the help of my primer.

Moon on Their Wings
I have a problem with "Moon on Their Wings." This is such a gorgeous gold shadow but when I attempted to use it, I found that it has horrible fallout so beware!!!

The blushes and bronzers are very pretty! I've heard how popular "Chocolate Soleil" is and it's a nice soft subtle bronze color. I would probably use this to contour my nose with. "Sunny Bunny" is more orangey than I expected when I swatched it. I was hoping that I could be able to use to it contour my face with, but I know that with its orange tone, it won't work as a contour for me... I may use it as a blush??? Any suggestions on how I should use "Sunny Bunny"???


I really enjoy this lip tint! I've heard a few girls say that it stings really bad on their lips after they apply it. Everyone is different and I actually don't mind the sting?!?! To me the sting is very subtle. It doesn't bother me at all. As far as plumping effect goes, I don't see a difference it claims to make for my lips. I really like it because of the color. I believe this is a full size lippie because you can twist it up when you start getting low. 

In the picture above, that's how much you have to start out with! So this will last me a while =)

I haven't opened the mascara yet because I have two tubes open right now that I'm switching back and forth on. I will use the mascara once I finish using a current tube and will write a separate review for it.

Where to Buy: "A Few of My Favorite Things" is sold exclusively at Sephora. The set retails for $56 (U.S.D. before tax).

Here's a vain selfie (lol) of me with a bronze and gold look I did using this palette. Sorry I didn't do any close ups of my eyeshadows, etc. Thus why I called this a vain selfie lol. 

Can you see the fallout all over my face?!?!?! Ridiculous right?!?! It was so hard to clean up too =X 

What I used from the palette:

Shadows: Chocolate Milk (crease), Moon on Their Wings (all over lids), Dark Chocolate (outer corner), Cream Colored Ponies (browbone)

Cheeks: Chocolate Soleil

Lips: Lip Injection Color Bomb! in Bee Sting

I hope you enjoyed my review! Tell me what do you think about this set? Do you like it? Yay or nay? 

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