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Friday, November 15, 2013

Beauty Subscription: Ipsy Glam Bag November 2013

I am excited (as always lol) to share with you my Glam Bag for this month! I got it on Wednesday and haven't got a chance to play around with the items, however I am happy with what I go. The theme for this month's bag is "Glam It Up." Overall the whole theme and products are very appropriate with the Holidays coming up. 
I really like how this month's bag has an attached wristlet to it. I think Ipsy should consider adding that on for a few bags throughout the year, what do you think? Some of the bags I wouldn't mind carrying as a wristlet!

The design of the bag is festive? The reason why it reminds me of festivities is because the Too Faced "A Few of My Favorite Things" set is pink (but light pink) and gold also.

This month's bag contained an extra treat! Ipsy subscribers received an Em Michelle Phan beauty product! There were a few different variations ranging from lip balms, lipstick, mascara, etc. 

Let's break everything down shall we? =)

TRESemme Hairspray

I don't ever ever style my hair unless it's for a major occasion and it's been a long long time since I've attended anything so special. I still have my two full sized bottles of Big and Sexy hairspray that I bought years ago when I saw it on sale at Ulta. So yes, that should tell you how often I use hairspray right? I'll be giving this to my nineteen year old niece (Hi sweetheart if you're reading this! lol).

Nailtini Nail Polish | Champagne


I really want to call this shade a rose gold shade. There's so many variations of rose gold nail polish shades, check out the #rosegoldshowdown that my friend +jackie leung and I did together on Instagram!

I haven't used this polish yet but definitely plan to after my Color Club rose gold polish wears out on my nails lol. 

I received an orange Nailtini polish from Ipsy in my July Glam Bag. I never used it! It's sitting around here somewhere. So I can't tell you what I think about Nailtini just yet. Stay tune for a Rose Gold NOTD post featuring this polish!

Be a Bombshell | Lip Crayon | Hot Damn


I've never tried a Be a Bombshell product before and so I'm really excited to try this! This is a beautiful blue based red lip crayon and it looks like it has a hint of shimmer in it? When I swatched the lip crayon it came out to a beautiful matte red. I can't wait to wear this after Thanksgiving and into the Christmas holiday!

Pixi | Beauty Bronzer | Subtly Suntouched


I love bronzers and can't get enough! I'm a highlight and contour fanatic! I've never tried the Pixi Beauty Line before because it's not available at my local Target. My local Target is the one in between the basic Target and the grocery store Target. We have SOME groceries but not all. I remember talking to a Target employee about it and the person told me that they only sell the higher end cosmetics at the grocery story Target. Not cool because those Targets are far out from me.

When I found out I was getting this I was really excited!.... Until I swatched it on my hand. It barely shows up on me! I try to find more use out of a product that I think is versatile to use. I plan to use this probably as a highlighter, a blush for natural looking makeup days, and even as a shadow I think this will look nice on the lids.  

This is powder is nice and soft. It doesn't crumble like some other powder bronzers and blushes I've used, and the packaging is very nice!

em Michelle Phan | Pillow Cushion Lip Balm | Creamsicle

This lip balm DRAGS like no other when I apply this to my lips. I'm wearing it as I'm typing this (smacking my lips a few times here) and goodness this is so sticky! It's so sticky and tacky feeling, I can't stand it. Moisturizing is meh, chapsticks can do better! If my niece likes it, I may just hand it over to her (she is my mini me makeup collector lol).

Starlooks | Gem Pencil | Topaz


When I first opened this and found that it's silver, I thought to myself, what will I do with silver??? I turned to my friends to ask them and they suggested to put this on top of a winged liner. Thought to myself again, DUHHHH LIZ!!! So I  had a change of heart and am excited to wear this when I go to Holiday parties, etc. 

This gem pencil is very nice! It glides on so smoothly with no drag or tug on my skin. Staying power, I can't tell you for sure yet but stay tune for a mini review when I post some looks!

Overall, for $10 a month, I really can't complain much. I know this bag is valued way more than what I paid and most of the products I received, I am content with.

Did you like any of the products we went over? What did you get in your Glam Bag this month?

I hope you all an amazing weekend! Do share what your plans are as I am a Nosy Rosy! Lol! For those of you who are new to my blog or just recently joined me on my blogging venture, my husband and I work on our home rehab project on the weekends! It's exhausting but going to be very rewarding! I can't wait for it to be done so I can lounge and enjoy my family =)

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