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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review: Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Palette*

Today I want to share with you all a cute little palette by Studio Gear Cosmetics that I received from Brandbacker

So sorry, feel free to click on the images above to get a larger view of the packaging.

This palette meaures 4.75 inches (width) x 3.75 inches (height). It is very compact and will fit into your handbag or backpack with no issues!

It is your standard cardboard palette that features four eyeshadows, one blush, and an  instructional D.I.Y look that's affixed inside the palette.


I want to point something out as an FYI (I'm not sure if anyone had this "mishap" too?) but when I was reading the shade names of the shadows and blush on the instructional diagram, I noticed that MAYBE the diagram is wrong? 

You can click on the images to make them bigger and compare them to see. On the diagram, starting at the top left, going clockwise, the shades are listed as Platinum, Frost, Glimmer, and Coal. Well... to me... this is how I see the shades and it's coordinating name according to what is in my palette:

Starting with the shadows from the top left, going clockwise, the shades are Frost, Coal, Glimmer, and Platinum. The pretty coral blush in the middle is call Snowy Glow. (Let me know if you noticed this too with your palette! Maybe it's just mine that's off?)

Frost, Platinum, Coal, Glimmer, Snowy Glow
With the help of a primer, these shadows show up quite nicely but I found Frost to have a lot of fallout and it is a bit chalky. 

The Snowy Glow blush is absolutely beautiful and it's super pigmented! Be careful and start off with a light hand when applying the blush to the apples of your cheeks! It's buildable so build up on it to get the desired shade.

Here's a few snapshots of me using this palette. Being my own worse critic, I noticed that I could have blend the shadows better to make the outer corner shadow seamless with the all over color. 


Below is my Instagram (@itzlizzo) photo I posted up with up close shots of one of my eyelids. Sorry for the poor quality, I use my Galaxy S4 to take all of my pictures lol. I blended my outer corners a bit more in the Instagram photo.

I decided to pair this palette with a pinky nude lip and so I used my "Just Enough Buff" Revlon lipstick and topped it off with my MAC Cremesheen Glass in "Boy Bait."

Overall, this is a lovely little palette to help you achieve a nice smokey look for day or night. I usually don't go over the top with my smokey eyes and so I kept it more subtle with this look.

You can find this palette here at Studio Gear Cosmetics. It retails for $25 (U.S.D. before tax) but Brandbacker and Studio Gear Cosmetics were kind enough to provide a 10% discount for my beautiful readers!

The 10% discount code is: SGHOLIDAY (applicable only at the Studio Gear Cosmetics website.)

I hope you enjoyed my review! Thank you always for your support! Make sure to enter my Giving Thanks Giveaway as a token for my appreciation for all the love and support my blog and I have gotten.

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