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Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: OCC Lip Tar All-Star Mini X 12 Set

I've seen the OCC Lip Tars across all social media networks and have been intrigued at how highly pigmented these little things are! I've heard that you only need a TINY dot of the product to use for your lips which makes it sound like these little tubes could last me quite a while.

"What it is:
A set of 12 miniature-sized Lip Tar™ shades in a gorgeous array of matte and metallic finishes. 

What it does:
Lip Tar is a deeply pigmented liquid lipstick with extraordinary staying power. This expertly coordinate set of OCC’s most popular shades is a great new way to share your Lip Tar obsession. Whether as a gift, or for petite portability, this set is the perfect way to get your first taste of Lip Tar before building your full-size collection.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates"


This set contains:
  • 0.08 oz. of (6) matte and (6) metallic shades
  • Full size Precision Lip Brush
The lip tars are in tiny squeezable tubes, but trust me! You only need a little bit of product for your entire lips! I like the plastic pouch the lip tars come in because it has little holders in the pouch to hold each lip tar in place.

Texture & Consistency:

OCC Lip Tars come in a liquid form thus why it's packaged in a tube. It's not too runny when you squeeze a drop onto the lip brush. 


Pyscho (I accidentally squeezed a bit too much out!)
I strongly advise you to exfoliate your lips and then immediately prep your lips with the Clear Lip Tar you get in your set because Lip Tars can be very drying on the lips! The Clear Lip Tar is suppose to prime and hydrate your lips before you apply a colored Lip Tar on.

I've noticed that it does help keep my lips hydrated for a good few hours and then dry patches would start to be noticeable later in the afternoon (I immediately apply my Fresh lip treatment over it to keep my lips moisturized).

After waiting 1-2 minute for the Clear Lip Tar to set, I blot my lips with a tissue and then pick out my color to put on. You squeeze a drop onto your lip brush and dot all over your lips. Then you blend out the color all over your lips. I also like to use the lip brush to line my lips too to help give it a more defined look.

Here are some more pictures to show how much Lip Tar is needed (you can definitely use more to build up the intensity but for review sake, my demos below only shows me wearing one layer of the Lip Tars): (feel free to click on the image to enlarge if desired)

Here are all the swatches of each color that is in the mini set (please keep in mind that I only applied one layer of the colored Lip Tars on):

Matte Lip Tar Swatches
Metallic Lip Tar Swatches
I started off to show how my lips look naturally, and all of the shades I have on in the collage were prepped and primed with the Clear Lip Tar first. 

I'm no professional makeup artist and so when I tried to swatch Pris on my lips, it was hard blending the color out and so I swatched it on my hand.

Out of the entire set, there were two Lip Tars that were drying to me as I was applying them to my lips and they are Lovecraft and Yaoi. The rest of the Lip Tars in this set applied nicely and my lips stayed moisturized for a good few hours before my lip patches showed up.

Remember how I mentioned right above my collages that I only used one layer to demo the swatches for you to see? I intentionally did this to show those who may be afraid of using Lip Tars because of the color intensity that it does not have to be worn that way all the time! I love my Lip Tars and find every single shade versatile to use for everyday wear with all of my makeup looks!

Professional makeup artists intensify the Lip Tars on their models and their work so of course they're going to be layering this stuff on to give the WOW factor but for the everyday lady like myself, we too can rock Lip Tars every day if we want to! =)

I haven't gotten a chance to sit and play and mix colors but when I do, I promise to do a post to show some demos of mixing OCC Lip Tars!

You can find the OCC Lip Tar All-Star Mini Set exclusively at Sephora for $58 (U.S.D. before tax). I find this set to be worth the money if you want to venture out in trying the Lip Tar line from OCC. As tiny as the tubes are in this set, it will definitely last you quite some time! The OCC Lip Tars are also very versatile because you can mix colors and make your own personal shade if you want to!

Here's a selfie taken this past Friday of me getting ready to go out for a Girls' Night. I'm wearing OCC's Lip Tar in "Strumpet."
I used two drops of the Lip Tar for this look.
Do you have any OCC Lip Tars in your makeup stash?

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