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Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: SKIN&CO ROMA | Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Collection*

STORY: In 1953, my grandmother Giuseppina introduced her own beloved blend of botanical oils with Truffl es harvested in our family farms to the her store in Rome. What my grandmother left behind was diaries and a sequence of numbers. 50-13- 5 - The 50th week of the year. The 13th moon. The 5th phase. The Full Moon! Every three years the moon gives us an amazing 13th full moon during which the Beauty Truffl e come to life nurtured by Oak Trees Roots. After years of research with Italy’s leading doctors & scientists we con firmed that my grandmother and her star studded clientele were right. The natural, seasonal ingredients incorporated in her formulas proved to be anti-oxidant and anti-aging powerhouses. Would you believe the secret to beauty is held in Truffle s? - Gabriel Balestra.

Today I want to share with you an amazing skincare set from Skin&Co Roma. The set I am going to share with you today is from the Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Collection.

I've used Skin&Co's Sicilian Light Brightening Collection before which I liked very much so I was very excited when Skin&Co reached out to me to try their Anti-Aging Collection (perfect timing for me because anti-aging is starting to become a main concern for me!).

This is appropriate for all skin types and skin tones.

Truffle Therapy Serum | Boosting Anti-Aging Serum
Stocked Image from Skin&Co Roma
This is a beauty base that plumps the skin with hydration and fights off any free radicals that you face during the day. You apply this serum on before your moisturizer to increase hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

I've pushed my normal night time skin routine to the side to experiment with the Truffle Therapy Serum and Cream. You only need a little bit of product for your face and so I managed to get about a week and half's worth to try. This serum is incredible! With all the harsh coldness we've been getting down here, this serum has definitely increase hydration for my face, thus making my skin more plump and soft!

Truffle Therapy Cream
Stocked Image from Skin&Co Roma
I love how this cream contains African Shea Butter, natural sunflower seed oil, Vitamins E and F, all of these are very beneficial to our skin!

This is a very light cream, not thick nor heavy but light almost serum like. I apply this onto my face after I let the Truffle Therapy Serum absorb. The Truffle Therapy Cream took a good minute to absorb into the skin but once dried, my face is so smooth and supple.

Truffle Body Gel | Anti-Aging Truffle Shower Gel
Stocked Image from Skin&Co Roma
This shower gel cleanses and hydrates my body with a light foam leaving me feeling fresh and soft after I get out of the shower.

The Truffle Shower Gel has a unique truffle extract that stimulates the production of Superoxide Dismutase - a compound that destroys free radicals and has an anti-oxidant, anti-aging effect for your entire body.

Truffle Therapy Body Milk | Super Enriching Anti-Aging Truffle Body Milk
Stocked Image from Skin&Co Roma
The Truffle Body Milk is an absolute treat for my skin! It's one of those things you want to savor because it just smells so good and moisturizes my body well.

It is a light moisturizer that absorbs pretty quickly into my skin. Once absorbed, my skin is soft and smooth! I apply this on after I shower and so the decadent scent just lingers on me (even after I wake up in the morning!)

Skin&Co will be on the QVC home shopping channel on February 11th! The Truffle Therapy Serum and Truffle Therapy Cream will make its debut on QVC, so I definitely encourage you to check tune in and check it out for possible great deals!

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