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Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: TooFaced LOVES Sephora Palette

My friend +Liliana Ayala at Beauty with Lily and I teamed up to do a FOTD collab using our TooFaced <3s Sephora palette!


The palette feels like a plastic hollow tin to me. It is lightweight which is good so it doesn't weigh down your purse if you were to take it with you but it doesn't feel.... secure and sturdy like my other palettes.

It has a magnetic snap closure. The package contains:
  • 10 shimmered eye shadows 
  • 2 bronzers 
  • 1 blush 
  • Mini synthetic blush brush
  • Sample size of TooFaced Shadow Insurance  

Texture & Consistency:

When I first got this palette, I was a bit tad disappointed when I saw that all of the eye shadows were shimmer! I personally don't like to wear all shimmered shadows on my eyes. I feel that it's a bit too much for me? Too much shine and sparkle maybe? I honestly don't know how to explain. I prefer to wear more matte shadows with a hint of subtle sparkle on my eyes.

Once I started to play around with the palette, I discovered that I really like it despite all of the shadows being shimmery.

Everything is what you would expect from TooFaced. I have two other palettes from TooFaced and they are all so soft and buttery. All of the shades are vibrant and have great color payoff with just one swipe of a swatch when I had swatched these on my arms. This palette doesn't fall short of any expectations.

L-R: Piano Keys, So Cal, TF <3s The Cast, Jer Jer, 525 Market, 
Behind the Counter, Soho, Envy, David & Marg, 1998

The shadows I used went on quite nicely, for my all over lid color (David & Marg), I packed quite a bit on to get it to be more vibrant. Everything blended effortlessly and smoothly which I just love when it doesn't require effort (lazy much? LOL).

The bronzers apply quite nicely and is buildable if you want a more dramatic contour (just how I love to do! Dramatic much?? LOL)

Warning on the Who's Your Poppy blush! It's a very shimmery and pigmented blush, be careful and use a very light hand when you first apply this onto the apples of your cheeks or else you will look like you just seriously SMACKED some blusher on yo cheeks! (It happened to me the first time I did it! lol!) Then build up color to your desire shade.

Using just this palette for my eyes and cheeks helped = this face:

*So sorry for the terrible lighting!!! It's been cold and gray down here in Texas. Have not had any sunshine in a few days =(

My FOTD look focused on turquoise and golden bronzed eyes paired with a burnish orange creme lip.

  • Maybelline | Baby Skin Pore Eraser 
  • Revlon | Nearly Naked | #150 Nude
  • TooFaced | TooFaced Loves Sephora Palette | Who's Your Poppy? Blush
  • TooFaced | TooFaced Loves Sephora Palette | Chocolate Soleil (contour)
  • Yves Saint Laurent | Touche` Eclat - Radiance Touch | #1.5 Radiant Silk (highlighter)
  • Wet n Wild ColorIcon Pencil Liner | Dark Brown (Brows) 
  • TooFaced | TooFaced Loves Sephora Palette | Behind the Counter (Brows)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills | Clear Brow Gel
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion | Eden
  • TooFaced | TooFaced Loves Sephora Palette | David & Marg  (all over lids)
  • TooFaced | TooFaced Loves Sephora Palette | 525 Market (outer corner)
  • TooFaced | TooFaced Loves Sephora Palette | Jer Jer (crease)
  • Milani Liquif'eye Eye Liner | Black (tightline)
  • Milani Liquif'eye Eye Liner | Dark Brown (waterline)
  • NARS | Eye Paint | Mesopotamia (top lids/wing liner)
  • Oh My, Lash! False Lashes | Jo-Jo
  • Revlon Eyelash Adhesive | Black
  • Shu Uemura Lash Curler
  • Elizabeth Mott It's SO B!G Mascara

This palette was a limited edition and was out for quite a while at Sephora but it is no longer available on their site anymore. If you are interested in purchasing, I advise you to shop around online for it.

Head on over to Beauty with Lily to check out her thoughts on this lovely palette along with her FOTD to get some makeup inspirations =)

So sorry for the lengthy post but I hope you enjoyed reading! Do you have any plans for the weekend? Yesterday was my tot's 2nd birthday and so today is a busy day of birthday party preparations for tomorrow! Oh how the time has flown. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to nurture and watch my little minion grow <3

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