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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Makeup 101: How to Apply False Lashes +*

Today I want to share with you two false eyelash demos I received from a small e-commerce business,

When reached out to me to see if I was interested in helping them, I was ecstatic because I love supporting small businesses! 

This post worked out well because I've been wanting to do a Makeup 101 post on how I apply false lashes.

I do want to caution you that I have quite a few pictures in this post so please don't mind the visual overload!

Here are the steps of how I apply my false lashes (I always do the same thing ever since I can remember): (and please please forgive me if I confuse you because I am seriously so horrible at giving step by step directions!!!):

*Please note: False lashes are the very last thing that I do in my makeup routine. My eyes are already lined, lashes are curled (but no mascara yet until AFTER the lashes are applied so that way I sweep together my real lashes with my falsies). I sometimes go back over with my gel liner on top of my lids after false lash application =)

  1. Measure the false lash to my eyelid by laying the lash right across my top lid. You can measure it straight across from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner but I prefer to measure "within" it.
  2. After you measure, take your little beauty scissors (I use my trusty Revlon one) and snip off the end of the lash. (Depending on what lash it is, you may snip off the front instead of the back end, I have a perfect lash example coming right up!)
  3. Once you snip off the excess lash, measure it back up to your eyelids again to make sure you are satisfied with it. If not, snip off any excess you desire.
  4. Grab your eyelash adhesive (I switch back and forth between my DUO Lash Adhesive (dries clear) and Revlon Lash Adhesive (dries black)) and carefully dab the glue onto the falsies band.
  5. After you apply the glue to the falsies band, wait a few seconds before putting them on, and gently bend the false lash in a curvature motion like as if you are applying it onto your lid. To me, this helps shape the false lash to be easily applied to my eyes.
  6. This is the step that takes the most practice, which is actually putting them on! I like to go ahead and start pressing the false lash right in the middle of my eyelid and then work my way out to both inner and outer corner of my eye. Press down gently enough and not too hard where you are pressing on your eyeballs (LOL) for a few seconds to a minute to make sure the lash is adhered to your eyes. If you feel your finger isn't precise when pressing the lash down on your eyes, then I would suggest using your tweezers to do so. I feel perfectly comfortable using my index finger so it is whatever you prefer or what you are most comfortable doing!

I hope my steps help! Feel free to discuss in the comments if you are confuse and I'll try my best to explain =) Let's get into the goodies I got from the Born Pretty store!

The first set of lashes I'm going to show and demo is this soft and wispy "Princess" set:

Don't let these pretty soft lashes fool you! They may look soft and wispy but oh boy I love the volume they add to my eyes =D

The second set of lashes I am going to demo, it does not have a name but click here and you will go straight to it on the Born Pretty website =)

Okay so remember in my Step #2, how I said you can snip from either side of the lash? Can you see how this set of lashes is short in the front and then gets long towards the end? This is where I prefer to snip off the shorter end which is the front so that I can keep the end of the lashes dramatic!

This set of lashes remind me of my Ardell Demi #120's but a bit more thicker AND cheaper! If you are a false lash junkie like me who goes through falsies like no other, than you know we gotta find cheaper lashes somewhere right? Here's a picture of me wearing the above lashes:

I should have put this disclaimer at the top of my post but here it is, I am no professional makeup artist or claim to be a beauty guru, pro, etc. I'm just your normal, everyday girl who loves to wear makeup and this is just how I do my lashes and I wanted to share my method with you =)

Everyone has different methods and techniques and I would love to hear your input on how you apply and wear your falsies. is kind enough for me to share a discount code to you my beautiful readers and friends! The discount is for 10% your entire order so don't forget to note down my code (which is also in the sidebar of my blog)! 


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