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Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: Aniise Cosmetics | Gel Eyebrow in Cocoa*

"This advanced technology stabilizes pigment powders and allows color to stay on without losing its vibrancy.  It will not smudge and will stay on all day.  It comes with a built-in brush.  Waterproof."

Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on an eyebrow gel I received from Aniise Skincare & Cosmetics.

I am a HUGE fan of strong eyebrows and dramatic eye lashes, there's seriously no denying it! I'm always on the lookout for new brow products to try and new lashes to wear. For me, if I can't afford the time to do any makeup at all, my brows are the only thing I beg the husband to let me put on before I walk out of the door.

Eyebrows make a huge difference in your appearance. In my opinion, well groomed and polished eyebrows helps give you that #FLAWLESS makeup look. If only I knew the things I did now back when I was a younger - because I was so into the thin eyebrow trend, I failed to think about the future. Thank goodness for all these awesome brow products and techniques! =D


This eyebrow gel comes in a plastic jar and the brush applicator is built into the cap. I like the convenience of the brush being built in so that way it is easier to travel with.


When I first opened this, I was expecting it to be creamy like other brow gels I have in my stash but this one is more waxy which I actually like because it makes me "work" the strokes when I'm filling in my brows, making them look more natural rather than "sharpied" on. I do want to advise you to immediately close this tight for fear of this drying out really fast.


The shade I received is "Cocoa" which is a dark brown. As I had mentioned, this brow gel is more waxy than creamy so you'll have to work each stroke when filling in your brows. I prefer to use an angle brush when putting on my brows but I challenged myself to use the built in brush to see if I would like it, and well to be honest, I'll be sticking with my good ole angled brush. 

The built in brush isn't as dense as I would like it to be but will suffice in the time of need lol. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen some of my makeup looks and in some of those looks, I used the Aniise Eyebrow Gel. Below are two looks I did and I used this gel for my eyebrows:

"No Makeup" Makeup Look

Is it worth it?

That's the million dollar question right? The Aniise Eyebrow Gel retails for $26.00 (U.S.D. before tax). I honestly think that the price point can come down a bit for this product. Personally, would I buy this once I run out? No I wouldn't and that's because I've trialed and error many brow products before and know what I like and what works well to my liking. I appreciate the convenience of this brow gel but I can't personally justify the price for myself. 

I hope you enjoyed my review. Aniise Skincare & Cosmetics offer a variety of skincare and makeup products on their site, I do encourage you to check them out!

Have you tried anything from Aniise Skincare & Cosmetics? What's your favorite eyebrow product?

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