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Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Fashion First Aid Kit*

Instead of reviewing a makeup product, I'll be discussing how to fix some major beauty dilemmas that us gals face from time to time when we go about our day. Let's face it, beauty CAN be a pain and this is where this fabulous purse size kit comes in the the rescue!

The Fashion First Aid Kit offers solutions for five different beauty dilemmas (my dilemma example will be below each solution):
  • Don't you hate those makeup stains on the inside of your collars and hats? Especially when your blouse is WHITE! 
    • Use the Collar/Hat Protectors
  • Have an interview to go to and you forgot to conceal your tattoo with your concealer at home? Or.... your blouse won't stay put?
    • Use the Tattoo/Skin shields
  • No pockets but you need one to hold a business card or your favorite lip balm?
    • Use the Temporary Sticky Pockets
  • Super nervous about a speech or meeting and you know you'll be sweating profusely?
    • Use the Disposable Underarm Shields
  • Girls, we love our shoes, there's no denying it. No matter how painful some of those beauties may be, we will wear them, rock them until the day or night is over! I hate how some of my beautiful shoes scuff up against the back of my heel, so use these if you don't have a band-aid on hand to cover up your precious heels before you slip on your shoes.
    • Adhesive Wardrobe Remedies
I find all of these different adhesives very useful and will definitely keep them in my purse! This is one of those kits that I think should also be kept in the first aid kit in the trunk of the car. You'll just never know when you will need these kinds of things when you are out and about!

The Fashion First Aid Kit is valued at $12+ and retails for $9.95 (U.S.D. before tax).

I have a few different beauty dilemmas that I've experienced in the past and wished I had this kit with me back then! I'm sure we can all think back and laugh at our past experiences. Now there's really no excuse for any more embarrassing beauty dilemmas now that I have this kit right? *Knock on wood* Let's cross our fingers and hope so! 

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