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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#FOTD: Coral Lips and Peachy Cheeks

Just about two more weeks and then both Miss +jackie leung at FiveTwo Certified and I will be absolutely FREE from our No Buy challenge!!!

I'm incredibly blessed to have a lot of great distractions going on this month. There's no time to think about shopping! I've been busy celebrating a lot of amazing birthdays with my loved ones and also school started for me on Monday of this week!

My Managerial Accounting class is a short class and so it is only half a semester long versus a full semester. I'm not sure if my school is the only one who does this or if it's the teacher, etc. but hey that's fine with me! I enjoyed my little break from December to now. It's time to buckle down and focus on getting that diploma!

This week, I'm focusing on swapping out makeup products to fit the "Spring is in the air" feeling. Weather's been pretty great down here and I've been yearning to swap out some bad babies for my other bad babies lol. Stay tune because I'll be posting a Makeup 101: Seasonal Swaps post soon!

Here's what I've brought out to play and fall in love with all over again!

Doesn't that image scream SPRING and SUMMER to you?

Going left to right in the picture:
  • Maybelline Color Whisper | Coral Ambition
    • Last summer, I was ALL ABOUT CORAL LIPS. This spring and summer won't change from that! I absolutely love a good coral color lip and this little gem is one of my most favorites!
    • It's very moisturizing and has very good color payoff. "Coral Ambition" is more of a soft pinky coral color. I'm sure when summer gets here and I get my summer tan on, this will look more like a pink nude than coral on me, but I'll embrace this beautiful shade either way! =D
    • Check out my full review on this pretty baby here (when I first started blogging! lol)
  • Urban Decay | Afterglow Glide On Cheek Tint | Indecent
    • I purchased this from UD's F&F sale sometime last summer/early fall? I forgot exactly when but this was a steal and I wish I purchased a few more since this is a discontinued item.
    • Indecent is a peach blush shade. The formula is very light (hence tint, duh Liz!) and glides on effortlessly. I'm usually not a big fan of shimmer (I'll only tolerate it in my shadows and bronzers) but the shimmer in this cheek tint is very tiny to where this does give a healthy glow (not a sweaty look!) to my cheeks!
  • Benefit | Benetint
    • This is my second sample tube (this one though, I won from sweet +jackie leung's Benefit Giveaway on her blog last fall). 
    • To be honest, I'm not big on liquid tints like this because I find it hard to blend? I'm seriously a slow turtle when putting on my makeup LOL, and so I find this dries too fast for my liking but I really want to like this and so I'm glad I have this new tube to play around with. =)
  • COOLA | Mineral Sunscreen | Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
    • I received this in one of last summer's Ipsy glam bags. I have about half left to use. I'm not fond of any facial products that has a scent to it because that just means the company added more things into the product and I try to keep that to a minimum. 
    • However with this one, I can make it an exception because I enjoy the light rose smell and it does go away after you apply this on to your face. 
    • I like the fact that COOLA products contain organic ingredients! I love how I can read the ingredients list and am able to know and understand what's all in it!
Here are swatches of the Color Whisper, Cheek Tint, and Benetint:

Coral Ambition, Indecent, Benetint

Moving on to my FOTD!

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills | DipBrow Pomade | Dark Brown (brows)
  • NYX | Jumbo Pencil | Milk
  • MAC | Mineralize Eye Shadow x 4 | A Glimmer of Gold
    • Gold # 2 (all over lids)
    • Gold # 4 (outer corner/crease)
  • LORAC | Pro Palette | Taupe (blend out crease)
  • Milani | Liquif'eye Eye Liner | Black (tightline)
  • Milani | Liquif'eye Eye Liner | Dark Brown (waterline)
  • NARS | Eye Paint | Mesopotamia (top lids/wing liner)
  • Shu Uemura Lash Curler
  • Elizabeth Mott It's SO B!G Mascara
  • Maybelline Color Whisper | Coral Ambition

    Everything listed above added up to = the face below:

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