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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: Naturally Lindy Skincare*

Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on Naturally Lindy Skincare courtesy of its wonderful founder Lindy Walsh.

When Lindy and I first met and chatted, immediately I felt a connection to her. She's very sweet and kind hearted. I was intrigued on her approach to holistic skin care. She is a licensed aesthetician and her skin care line has been established since 1982. Given her experiences, establishments, and her educational background in natural science, I felt very comfortable to step out of my personal skin care routine and try out Naturally Lindy. I would also like to add in here, Lindy proudly does not promote animal cruelty so there is NO animal testing on her products!

I was super surprised to see that Lindy was very kind and generous to send me a whole skincare regimen. I honestly thought I was going to receive one or two products to try out and so I was very excited to push back all of my other products and solely focus on the set she customized for my needs. Not included in the picture but Lindy had also sent me a pamphlet with instructions on what to use during the morning and evening. I really do appreciate her professionalism and time to have everything completely tailored to me. 

I received her package midday on May 1st and have been using nothing but her products for the entire month of May. Brace yourselves as I am review a whole skin care line, so get comfy with your cup of coffee or tea, get seated comfortably and let's get into the deets of the products! (Starting in routine order.)

I use the Cleansing Lotion primarily in the evening when I'm taking off my makeup. No need to use this in the morning (unless you slept overnight with yo makeup on! *tsk tsk* lol JK, I've done that before too!). I really love how effective this lotion is! It removes everything off my face effortlessly. Makeup melts off like butter!

I love how this Facial Wash is so gentle and effective on my skin. It leaves my face feeling squeaky clean but yet it doesn't dry out my face like my other facial cleanser.  

Everything that I have in this skin care line smells clean, gentle, aloe like. However this Fruit-Tonic Toner and the Bio-Active Serum does not follow the rest of the products I have.

Unlike other toners I've used, this one is alcohol free and does not dry my skin nor sting my skin like the other toners I have. When I feel a few pimples about to break through, I immediately use a bit to dab to spot treat and it helps calm the zits.

This serum is such a gem! This helps hydrates your skin as well as reducing lines and wrinkles. I use this in both my morning and night routine. Not only can you use this for your face but also good for your hands and hair! The Bio-Active Serum contains Retinol, Vitamin A and C, and Evening of Primrose. I apply this all over my face before moisturizer and also run my hands through my hair for my hair to catch any leftovers (seriously, don't waste this!).

I love how fast this absorbs into my skin and does not leave a greasy feeling anywhere on my hands and face. I also noticed how much smoother this makes my skin which is a huge plus because having good skin is the key to good makeup application. 

The Cellular Day Cream is a lovely light-weight moisturizer that I use in the morning. This day cream promotes healthy skin texture and minimizes the effects of anti-aging with regular use. 

I love how this day cream absorbs into my skin, there's no greasy feeling, and no clogged pores. This cream makes my face feel so soft and supple, I've really enjoyed using this! 

The MSM Night Repair Cream is a bit heavier than the Cellular Day Cream. It is formulated to minimize pores and fine lines as well to counter the effects of the environment and aging. You only need to use a thin layer of this cream all over your face and it saturates your face! Because it is a heavy cream, it takes a bit longer for the cream to absorb.

I do notice how this minimizes my pores as I tend to be very porous around my nose area. 

The All Purpose Scrub is an amazing scrub not only for the face but you can use this on your body. I would say that the scrub is very comparable to my old and once beloved Vasanti BrightenUp! scrub. I appreciate the gentle exfoliation and how soft and smooth my skin feels afterwards. 

I use the scrub two times a week (Wednesday and Sunday are my exfoliating days if you're curious to know lol).

To sum it all up:

I really love using Naturally Lindy Skincare! I have not had any breakouts or any discomforts from using any of Lindy's products. I appreciate the balance between nature and science that Lindy has researched and done for her products. 

From using her line for an entire month, my skin has been clear, my skin texture has been so soft and smooth (check out my Instagram for my makeup posts, you'll see how great my skin has been looking!). I encourage you to check into her skin care line if you are looking for a new or planning to revamp your skin care routine. 

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