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Thursday, July 31, 2014

NEW Aeropostale RE-Launch!* - Are you who you were a year ago?

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It's been a while since I've blogged about anything, but for those who have continue to follow me knows that I'm going to tell you that my personal life as a Mother and Wife takes precedent over everything (we'll play catch up about me at the end of this post I promise!). Let's get into this completely new topic I'm going to share with you on my blog!

Today I'm going to share with y'all a bit about fashion and not anything beauty related, lol! The primary focus of My Pretty Obsessions is over beauty, however, from time to time, I'll pop in a surprise off-beauty-topic such as this one =) I've been very fortunate to have receive an invitation from Her Campus to attend an exclusive brand re-launch party for Aeropostale's #AeroNow campaign.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, when we hear the name Aeropostale, what immediately comes to your mind? Clothes and accessories stamped/stitched with the Aeropostale logo across it right? I am guilty of rocking Aeropostale back when I was in the 8th grade all the way to my junior year of high school. *Raise your hand* if you're with me on this, lol =) My fashion tastes have matured as I've gotten older and up until a few days ago, Aeropostale definitely changed my mind and convinced me to go back and shop there again!

I attended the launch party at the Dallas Galleria's Aeropostale. The store was shut down from the public for two hours and VIP's got to shop and mingle with the amazing and incredibly sweet Aeropostale staff (if you're in the Dallas area, definitely take a trip to visit and shop with the awesome Aero staff!).

The #AeroNow campaign definitely showcases how Aeropostale has upped their game in the fashion industry. To back it up, here's a few peeks of brand new collections that are in stores now! I wish I had many more pictures from the event, but my hands were full from shopping, believe me when I say the struggle was real in between shopping and taking pictures, lol!

Tokyo Darling

(*Apologies! Some of my pictures got deleted off my phone!)

Image from Aeropostale
The Tokyo Darling line features many cute and witty tee-shirts such as the one above and some pretty printed pants! While I was browsing through the line and trying on some of the shirts, I've noticed how soft and comfortable these are! They are great for casual days, pair their tees with some leggings/jeggings/skinny jeans and a pair of heels or flats depending on your mood!

Image from Aeropostale
I have a lot of family and friends who are huge PLL fans, so this one goes to all the PLL fans out there. The collection is fun, fresh, and preppy! There are four different unique styles of clothing featuring the main characters (Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer) from the show. You can dress up or down with any of their pieces! There are many different printed clothing pieces, and all of these are super soft and comfortable to wear too! 

I personally don't watch the show nor read the books (please don't throw torches at me, lol!). I did attempt to read the first PLL book, but never finished because I kept getting lost in the first few chapters (there's so many names to remember!). However, I did snatch up two PLL pieces from the collection and come to find out, I guess I am more drawn to the character Emily? I snatched up a racer-back tank as well as a slouchy grey beanie (I'm seriously anxious for fall and winter so I can wear the beanie!)

Where in the world have I been??? Obviously, I don't watch enough YouTube, lol! To be honest, I did not know who Bethany Mota was until I went to the #AeroNow event and one of the sweet sales associate told me about her! =X To give you a quick run-down, Bethany Mota is a beauty, DIY, fashion YouTube guru with over 6 million susbscribers! (YES I did subscribe and have been hooked on watching her videos! She's so adorable!) 

I immediately knew I would love this girl when I saw this AWESOME tee-shirt from her line at the #AeroNow event! She's obviously a pizza lover like myself, otherwise, why would this adorable tee be a part of her collection? =D

Image from Aeropostale

Live Love Dream

Promo image provided by

The Live Love Dream collection is focused on Aeropostale's active wear for girls. I've been trying to get myself into exercising more, so this collection was heavily a part of my #AeroNow haul! This collection includes sports bras, tanks, loose tees, hoodies, workout shorts, pants, and yoga pants.

These collections above are the highlights of the event for me. Aeropostale has definitely made a comeback and I'm very please to see that I can go back and shop there again!

I really want to give a special shout out to the amazing Aeropostale staff over at the Dallas Galleria. Thank you for taking such good care of me from the moment I entered your store. Everyone was so kind and sweet, and like I said before, if you're in the Dallas area, I encourage you to go and check out the new collections for both guys and girls! Don't be afraid to say hello to the staff or ask them questions if you have any. 

A very special thank you to HerCampus for the opportunity to attend this amazing event and for the shopping! 

What are your thoughts on the #AeroNow campaign? 

***Updates on me (as promised in the beginning of this post!):

- Currently potty training my 2 1/2 year old tot, we've been bumping heads for months now and he's finally excited about it and have successfully been going to the toilet when he needs to (3 days in a row now, let's cross fingers that he keeps going)!

- The tot has been having runny noses and a lingering cough (for almost a week now), something's been in the air lately because I've been feeling the same way he has =(

- Been experiencing some discomfort on my left shoulder/back/and jaw - thinking it's from carrying my heavy Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch because the pain started off on my shoulders, and has trailed to my back and now up to my jawline. Been carrying this bag for a solid 3 months, noticed pain a few weeks ago, but shrugged it off and it is now getting more severe. I've switched off my Rebecca back to my LV Speedy. Will be seeing my doctor soon if pain persists.

- Aside the aches and pains, I've been learning the ropes on extreme couponing with a few friends of mine. The adrenaline rush on saving is real! Been having so much fun! Couponing is seriously addicting!

- Are you attending The Makeup Show in Dallas, September 27th and 28th??? Click here for more info! Let me know if you're going so I can keep an eye out for you there! =D

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