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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Makeup Show Dallas | Inspire, Learn, Network (Keynotes & Seminars)

My goal today is to uplift and inspire you all for today and the rest of the week <3

I didn't get to finish my coverage from The Makeup Show and so I'll be wrapping it up today with two back to back posts! This is the look on my face for falling behind (>____<), seriously I need to get it together! Lol!

After doing my homework planning out what I was going to do at The Makeup Show, it didn't all go as I had planned when the weekend hit and I was actually there lol!

There were three main Keynotes that stood out to me the most so I made sure to attend those, and the Seminars I wanted to attend, the schedule was a bit hectic because I honestly wanted to attend everything! I couldn't since the schedules of the Seminars were going on at the same time, so I  had to choose what I wanted to attend the most.

The first keynote I attended was the live streaming with Wayne Goss, sponsored by Beautylish. I was late to this one and made it to the last 20 minutes to tune in to what Wayne had to talk about. TMS Creative Director, James Vincent was head of the Q&A session with Wayne, the two shared many jokes and great laughs with the audience. We couldn't help but laugh along with Wayne and James when they spoke about bold brows, the gradient effect brows, and the bold "Kim Kardashian" contour (these things are in not in the professionals' favor FYI).

Wayne also shared his two favorite brushes from his own collection which is the #2 and #13 brushes (if I remember this correctly). I remember him vividly saying how these brushes just "caress" effortlessly along the skin, so after hearing him share a bit about his collection, I knew I had to get my hands on at least one of his brushes!

Make Up For Ever and their Director of Pro, Tuner Floyd compiled a panel of amazing artists to grace my presence, Oscar and Emmy winner, Ve Neill (Hunger Games anyone?!?!), celebrity artist, Melanie Ingelssis, educator and editorial artist, James Vincent!

For those who are interested in getting a jump start on becoming a professional makeup artist, Ve, Melanie, and James shared their words of wisdom:

"Never turn down a job, gain experience and network." - Ve Neill

"Stay persistent, know your industry, keep true to yourself." - Melanie Inglessis

"Education and networking. It's okay to work for free, it's all about building your experience." - James Vincent

Ve Neil spoke about how in the makeup industry, there is no competition therefore no one should feel competitive with one another. It's all about teamwork.  James Vincent added that your professionalism and personality do matter when he's compiling his team of artists to work on an event (ex. NY Fashion Week).

Before the seminar ended, Turner asked the artists to sum up their iconic makeup style and here's their responses:

"Tim Burke movies," - Ve Neill

"Smokey eyes," - Melanie Inglessis

"Rock n Roll edge," - James Vincent

There were a lot to intake during the hour from Ve, Melanie, and James. I learned a great amount and left the seminar feeling more inspired than ever. I feel truly lucky and so humble to have such talented artists in my presence all at once!

Last but not least, I got to sit in on "Getting Next" with The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine founder and industry expert, Michael Devellis. He inspired us to set and achieve our goals and make a mark on the makeup industry. Michael talked about finding your clearer path to success and organize your next steps to get to the next place in your career and artistry. 

One of the things Michael shared with us that I felt a bit proud about doing is to do your homework! (Hence my TMS homework picture in the heading of this post lol.) Always do your homework to make sure you know the environment you are walking into, the people you will be talking to, etc. First impressions really do matter and you don't want to risk looking silly when you are in a professional environment, or really any environment!

For the past few months, I've been in a bit of a funk with everything beauty related. Michael and his words of wisdom gave me that big boost I needed to keep going strong. 

I was able to take a quick picture with him after his seminar! It's a bit blurry =( But at least I did get a picture! He's the absolute sweetest! 

Excuse the mess of my face. As eventful and exciting TMS was, by Sunday I was exhausted and it shows through my eyes, lol.

Overall, I enjoyed the Keynotes very much. Every one of these professionals are a true inspiration and gave the right motivation needed to keep going towards my career path.

I hope that you are feeling inspired too! What are some things that you do to keep you feeling inspired and motivated to keep doing what you do?

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