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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Event Recap: BeautyCon Dallas 2015

Happy first day of April beautifuls!

Today I'm finally going to share my thoughts and experience at my very first BeautyCon exhibit which was also the first one ever to happen in Dallas, TX! Grab your coffee and get comfy - it's possibly a lengthy post with loads of pictures!

When I first heard about BeautyCon coming to Dallas, I was ecstatic! I started doing research on what to expect from BeautyCon because I never quite grasp the concept of this event very clearly. I just knew that this was a public event where fans can meet their favorite YouTubers, bloggers, etc. However, I wanted to know MORE - like what all goes on at the event besides a meet and greet.

After doing much research, I got a somewhat bad impression of the event - some said it wasn't worth going to, etc. etc. I ended up changing my mind and decided not to shell out the $25 for a General Admissions ticket to go.

A few weeks later, about a week before BeautyCon, I got a Living Socials notification that BeautyCon tickets were on sale for $19 (General Admissions). So... I was like okay, let's go and see what the fuss is all about lol!

I recruited my sister-in-law and one of my besties to go with me and here's how our BeautyCon Dallas day went...

Pic on the left: When I was waiting for my bf to get in the car lol. Pic on the right: Changed at my sil's house while waiting for her too =D

#OOTD deets!

Parking was far from the building where BeautyCon was, luckily there was a driver going around picking and dropping people off.

BeautyCon was happening inside the Automobile Building at Fair Park in Dallas. It's a spacious pavillion but not exactly what I pictured BeautyCon should have looked like (compared to other BeautyCons in the past). The lighting was definitely not good (for pictures and recordings) and there could have been better and prettier setups. It was all grey and gloomy inside. There were only about 10 booths max at BeautyCon, and they all had the most ridiculous lines. 

The first booth we saw when we walked in was NYX so that was our first stop.

NYX had a fun giveaway at their booth - take a selfie with the NYX photo-op background, upload to your IG and tag NYX. They had a cool photo printer that was printing out the IG selfies! That printer was working hard at BeautyCon because pictures were being printed every minute!

Once you find and get your printed IG selfie, you take it to the register at the NYX booth to show them the selfie and they give you a free 3-piece set of their Sugar Rush | Butter Gloss.

Me and my best, Stacey were messing around with my newest gadget, the ReTrak SelfieStick! We made friends with the girls standing behind us lol. In the above collage, we were waiting in line to meet Kandee Johnson but sadly we didn't get to meet her (my sil is a huge fan of hers!).

There were only a few handful of professionals who I knew of that was there and wanted to meet but didn't get to. MannyMUA733, PatrickStarrr, MAC_Daddyy (Angel Merino), and Kandee Johnson were on the top of my meet and greet list.

If you wanted a guarantee that you could meet and greet these uber popular social media stars, you would have to have bought a Platinum or Pro ticket which comes with a guarantee seating on all the keynote/speaking panels, meet and greet, and a "swag bag." The tickets were about $150 to $250 I think? 

Yeah no, I wasn't going to shell that kind of money out. #SorryNOTSorry especially after seeing the setting of BeautyCon and the products that BeautyCon was trying to sell, it definitely wasn't worth the price of the big tickets to me.

The big online stars would come out from their VIP lounge and would make a surprise appearance on the common grounds at BeautyCon, but there was such a huge crowd of fans who would be trailing behind them, girls pushing and shoving to get a selfie with the stars, I seriously wasn't going to deal with any of that. So I just watched from afar. 

I think PatrickStarrr did see me wave at him and he waved back though! Lol

I got to meet one of my blogger friends Jenn Ryall! We started blogging around the same time and have been supporting each other from Day 1! She's moved on up to into the YouTube vlog world now, google her and check her out! 

She's a sweetheart and it was such a pleasure to finally hug and meet you in person Jenn! <3

Met and made new beautiful friends who are emerging YouTube stars! xoxo

BirchBox had a booth where you can build your own sample box. There was also a line where you spin this BeautyCon themed wheel to win a goodie. I got a pair of sunglasses (cute but cheap plastic, my son's going to break them soon type).

Overall, I think the freebies I got from BeautyCon paid for my ticket thus making it "worth" the trip this year. 

To me, BeautyCon is just a convention for tweens and teens to meet their favorite internet stars. It was a fun experience being with my girls but do I plan on going back next year? MAYBE I will but there better be a lot of changes (such as food vendors, cheaper ticket prices, etc.) and better setup to catch my attention to go again.

My bestie and I ended the day with a big bowl of pho (the weather was really crappy that day too - it was super cold!). Pho cured the cold and headache I was having lol. 

While we were eating, our phones went off and my best's sister had tagged us in the above post that BeautyCon shared! We were laughing our butts off that they posted this picture but so happy they did because it was an awesome candid moment with my ReTrak SelfieStick!

There's more that I could say about BeautyCon but I'm going to leave my thoughts as is. However, feel free to ask any more questions in the comments below about BeautyCon if you want to know more!

Thanks so much for reading. I'm sorry if my experience at BeautyCon didn't meet up to the hype or your expectations of how you would want it to be if you go. There's always room for improvement and hopefully the people behind BeautyCon will continue to work on improving their event when they come to Dallas again.

Have an awesome day beauties! xx

P.S. My mood for the next 8 days!!! LOL


  1. I think this is what the real scenario is at all these beauty themed shows. Most of the audiences are teens and the whole gang of wannabe youtubers. Im glad you gave an honest review on what this stuff is really about. Plus it always helps when you have someone to go with. lol! Happy almost birthday!

  2. Yea, I haven't heard such great things about Beauty Con but I would like to go for myself hopefully and I love those shoes Liz!!

  3. Definitely Andrea! It's worth going to see what it's like for yourself at least once =) I hope that you will have a much much better experience than I did! Thanks so much love! =D Happy weekend! xoxo

  4. Ahhh looked like you had a blast sis! I hope to attend one day. :)


    Yours Truly, NY

  5. heeey birthday girl wooot!!! Good thing you came with your besties, I will probably be the oldest in that room lol! Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts on this event.

  6. Apologies for this super late response back to you my sweetheart! Thank you so much, I hope that BeautyCon will expand so my sweet Aussie sista gets to experience it too! <3

  7. Lol thank you so much my love! I appreciate you appreciating my honest thoughts about BeautyCon! It really wasn't worth all the hype everyone made it seem to be (in my most honest opinion). Lol oh gosh, no worries about the age thing! There were women of all ages there! I was feeling a tad bit out of place because of age too but there were also enough mature women there to make me feel comfy lol! Thank you for visiting and apologies for my late reply! I'm still trying to get the hang of Disqus! lol xo

  8. I heard u could purchase a beautycon goodybag as well. If you purchased general admission only. Did you not want one? See them? Or they ran out? Just curious. :)

  9. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your question! The BeautyCon Swag Bags are not included with the General Admissions Ticket. Hope this helps!