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Monday, June 8, 2015

Why Fix What Isn't Broken - Skincare Problems

I apologize for my lack of posts. As I've said before, life happens and sometimes you just have to shut down the laptop and take a break from the Internet.

Now that I'm slowly resurfacing, let's dive into a problem I've been dealing with for quite some time (about 3 months now). My skin! I've been dealing with the most horrendous breakouts in my life (and way back when, I thought that my adolescence acne was the end of the world for me, ha!).


Before I go into details, please do note that my lifestyle/eating/drinking habits has not changed. Everything was the same before the breakouts, during the breakouts, and now currently. 

The Problem

Back in March, I broke out a little bit along the cheekbones. I thought that maybe it was because I wasn't washing my makeup brushes enough (which I do on a bi-weekly basis since I seldom wear makeup). The breakouts were manageable and would come and go which I didn't think too much into because it could easily be concealed. I could wear makeup and the breakouts didn't get worse.

The BIG breakouts (what you see in the pictures above) started to happen after my birthday - which leads me to believe that a particular beauty session I had done on my birthday could possibly be the reason why my skin is the way it is right now. The pictures above were taken a few days ago and yes this is currently what I still look like as I'm typing this out.

Before my birthday weekend shenanigans, I got treated to a face threading session. I've never had this done before (and I really don't recommend you doing this unless you really NEED to do it). I've gotten my brows threaded a few times prior to this experience so I didn't mind and was willing to give the whole face a try. 

Everything was great that weekend of my birthday and as days gone by - I started to break out little by little (on top of the breakout I was already dealing with) all over my face. I tried my best to think of what all possible reasons could my face be acting this way and the only big change I did was going to get my face threaded. 

I did some research on side effects of face threading and came across this medical term, folliculitis - which is an infection of hair follicles. I've read a bit further into it and some of the points of this matches what I'm dealing with but I'm not 100% sure. To keep my sanity in check, this is just a possibility to explain why my face is going through this.

I think that removing the facial hair opened up the pores on my face which in turn, welcomed all kinds of bacteria and debris into my face. This past week has been quite frustrating for me now that the heat has kicked up a notch which encourages more sweat and bacteria as well. 

I've drawn up my own conclusions and believe that these breakouts are happening because I did something I shouldn't have done - which was removing my facial hair (that was never an issue nor noticeable to begin with). 

The saying, "Why fix what isn't broken," replays in my head every day when I look in the mirror. The self-pity party begins but it only lasts for a few minutes and then I continue on about my day and take on the world, bare faced and all. 

What I've Been Doing

A quick insight to my skincare routine - Back in April, I've completely stopped using all products I have in my possession after the big breakouts came about and am simply washing my face daily with my Clearasil cleanser. Seeing that even though I stopped using products wasn't helping to improve my skin, I looked into home remedies and one of the first things I came across was to use what almost everyone has in their pantry - apple cider vinegar!

I despise the strong acidic smell but my desperation to help clear my skin is more important. Every day for the past month, after I wash my face with Clearasil, I would take a q-tip and start applying the vinegar onto the affected areas. Apple cider vinegar helped calmed the bumps and redness but after a whole month of using it - the problem is still there.

What I'm Doing Now

Just yesterday, I re-discovered my Lemon Essential Oil by InstaNatural in my stash. You can read more info and benefits of the Lemon Essential Oil here.

After I brought the oil, I immediately washed my face and started to apply the lemon essential oil directly onto the affected areas. This morning when I went to go wash my face, I noticed that it actually looks a little bit better than it has been in the past month. 

I plan to keep using the lemon oil to treat my breakouts for a month and see how this plays out. I plan to do a follow up in a week or so and will post progress pictures as well. 

So For Now...

My self-prescribed remedy is drinking water, wash my face with Clearasil and use lemon essential oil to apply on affected areas.

The Makeup Show is arriving to Dallas this weekend and of course I plan to wear makeup - please wish me luck! I hope that wearing makeup this weekend won't make my skin react any worse than it already is. *fingers crossed*

Have any of you experienced something like this after you get your face threaded? If you're experiencing bad breakouts in general, what are you doing to treat it or what do you recommend to go about it?


  1. I feel your pain, my sweet friend! Awhile back, maybe over a year ago...I started breaking out so badly around my chin area. Nothing helped....seriously, nothing. I finally started using Philosophy's Purtity...lo and behold, it helped! I'm not sure if it was the face wash or if it was hormones...but I swear by that face wash now! I can't go a day without it! I hope things clear up soon love and I hope you have and awesome time at TMS!

  2. Cut out sugar and dairy and try washing your face with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay! Also positive thoughts. What we think manifests.

  3. Thank you so much Lily for your kind words and for your advice! I'm going to keep the Philosophy's Purity cleanser in mind. I wish you could be coming to TMS with me!!!

  4. Hi Robin! Thank you for your advice! As hard as it is to cut out sugar and dairy, I'm doing my best to do so! I appreciate you taking your time to comment. I'll definitely check into the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay! You're absolutely right, trying to keep positive thoughts! :)

  5. I'm so sorry about your bad face threading experience! Try some OTC retinol creams maybe, retinol definitely has helped to calm down my hormonal break outs especially the prescribed one, hehehe! I do suggest to see a dermatologist to get some prescribed antibiotics if this is a bacterial infection. Do have fun at The Makeup Show love!

  6. Sorry to hear about your breakout, it was probably the threading, sometimes when you get it done you don't know how clean the actual thread is or the person's hands as they sometimes touch your face. When I have a pimple I use an astringent (right now the garnier pure control) + the La Roche Posay acne treatment (Effaclar Duo) + the dermalogica breakout clearing overnight treatment. I layer all that on and by morning I notice a considerable difference, sometimes it really shrinks down.

  7. Thank you so much love! You know what, I remember seeing a glimpse of your comment about this from the other day and thought to myself - I have the InstaNatural Retinol moisturizer!!! So I just used it the other day and noticed a significant change with my skin yesterday morning when I woke up! Thank you so much love for your recommendation!

    I was seriously just so scared to attempt to put on ANY skincare products but it would be good to slowly incorporate them back in once I start seeing more improvements.

    The Makeup Show was definitely fun, thank you so much! I can't wait to share with you what all happened :)

  8. Thanks so much Erica! I saw the La Roche Posay acne treatment kit at the drugstore, I actually did purchase it but then ended up returning it the day after because I got scared of my skin being too dependent on it?... Maybe I should've kept it to give it a try now that I know someone who does recommend it lol. I appreciate the advice!