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Monday, October 26, 2015

Shorten Your Makeup Routine with Luminess Air - AirSupremacy!*

Luminess AirSupremacy is one of the latest tools in beauty! It is a full line of Spray-On Airbrush Cosmetics, bringing the effect and finish of airbrush, without the need for a compressor or stylus. The line includes Foundations, Blushes, Body Shimmers, and Tattoo & Blemish Cover-Up products.

As y'all know, Luminess Air was the first one to get me hooked on airbrush makeup with their Legend System (you can read my review on that here) and so I was intrigued when Luminess Air reached out to me to tell me about their newest product that's going to launch on QVC tomorrow!

Not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant but none the less, I was down to try their newest AirSupremacy line which promises to give you an airbrush finished makeup look without the use of an actual airbrush system.

The Starter Kit includes everything you need to achieve a flawless foundation look:
  • (1) AirSupremacy Primer
  • (2) AirSupremacy Foundation (#3 and #4)
  • (1) AirSupremacy Rose Blush
  • (1) Pro Air Blender
  • (1) AirSupremacy Makeup Sealant
The Starter Kit is available in 4 shades: Fair, Medium, Warm, and Deep. The two shades of foundation in each kit is ideal for blending and seasonal changes in skin tone.

Swatches from top to bottom: Rose Blush, Foundation #3 and #4.

The Luminess Air - AirSupremacy products were super easy to use and don't be afraid about the application process! It's a very soft spray and you have full control on how much goes on. 

The AirSupremacy Primer is not sticky, has a nice scent to it, and dries quickly. Afterwards, I used foundation shade #3 which was a perfect match for my complexion.

I love how you can build up on where you need fuller coverage because I don't need full coverage on my entire face - just on my acne scars. I didn't even need to use a concealer for my under-eye areas because the foundation covered it very well!

The Rose Blush is gorgeous and can be built up to your desired shade.

The Pro Air Blender is a helpful tool to use to help blend out any harsh lines, conceal, and touch up. I recommend using the Pro Air Blender damp for best results. 

Be careful when you use the AirSupremacy Makeup Sealant! I didn't expect for the product to spray out so hard and it was splotchy so I had to hold the tiny bottle a good 12 inches away from my face.

I really love how using the Luminess Air - Air Supremacy products helped shorten up my makeup application time! I timed myself and it only took me 45 minutes to do everything versus where I usually spend about 2 hours (don't judge!) when doing a full face. 

I love the finish of the AirSupremacy makeup! It wasn't cakey and felt very natural on my skin. It covered my acne scars pretty well - I did two layers of the AirSupremacy Foundation which gave my skin medium coverage.

The Luminess Air - AirSupremacy says that their makeup can last up to 18 hours of wear. I wore it for a good 12 hours and the makeup held up quite well. If you have oily skin like me, then towards to middle to end of day, you'll notice some shine peeking through so have some powder or blotting sheets nearby for a few touch-ups! 

The above picture was taken at the end of the day before I went to wash off my face and hop in the shower. You can see some shine coming through.

If you're interested in trying out the Luminess Air - AirSupremacy, you can catch them on QVC's 'The Find' tomorrow October 27th starting at 10:00pm. This exclusive starter kit will only premiere once for a price of $49.00 U.S.D.


  1. This looks flawless! I've never tried any airbrush makeup, but I really like how great the coverage is and how it's natural looking at the same time. This looks beautiful on you, Liz!

  2. Lauren, you definitely must give this a try! I totally agree with you about coverage and the natural finish! The makeup was so light, I would forget that I was wearing makeup! Thank you so much for your sweet words! xoxo

  3. You look gorgeous love! Anything to cut back makeup time is always great on my book hehehe! Eyes alone take me sooo long (*dem wings can be moody lol!)

  4. Thank you so much love! I totally agree with you about cutting back on makeup time is always great and welcome! I completely understand about the mood swings of a winged liner lol! Lately, I haven't been fussing with wearing a winged liner and noticed I've been spending a lot of time fighting with my brows lol!