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Friday, November 20, 2015

My First Visit & Experience to Drybar*

So I've been living under a rock you guys... I've never had a hair blowout before. Where have I been?!?! 
In my previous post, I shared a Press Release for Drybar's 49th salon opening which happens to be close to my home in Grapevine, Texas. If you're interested to learn more about Drybar and their grand opening, check out the Press Release here.

I was invited to attend the Grand Opening event this past Wednesday and fortunately there was no rain because days prior, it was chilly, rainy, and gray. Luckily on Wednesday, it was sunny and breezy - definitely meant to be for everyone who got their complimentary blowout at the Grand Opening! :)

My little boy went along with me and he was in awe with the big yellow balloons when we walked up to the salon :)

When we entered, we were greeted so graciously by the wonderful ladies who were working the front desk. Stylists were everywhere working on clients, music was hip and lively, the atmosphere was pleasant and fun, I felt a rush of excitement and was slightly spun with all the fun energy around me!

After checking in, I looked over to my right and immediately recognized the beautiful Alli Webb, founder of Drybar! With my son right by my side, we immediately went over and I introduced ourselves to her. I only got to chat with her for two minutes before my Stylist, Jamie came and got me.

Once seated, Jamie asked me if I was familiar with the looks that Drybar has to offer and I excitedly told her YES! (I had made sure to do my research a few days before and already knew what look I wanted - a Mai Tai (messy and beachy) with a bit of Southern Comfort (lots of volume please, that's how Texas women do!) Imagine if that was an actual drink - oh my how strong and possibly unpleasant the taste that would be lol!

This is my before. I quickly snapped a selfie before we went to go wash my hair. Being such a novice about blowouts, I really appreciate that a hair wash is included! 

During the blowout. Jamie is awesome! She handled my head and hair with great care.

Us afterwords - Jamie brought my hair to life! Shortly after we were done, I got a chance to chat some more with Alli.

Alli is seriously quite the inspiration! She's a Wife, Mom, CEO of Drybar, and I'm sure she's got much more hats to wear too. My first question I asked was, how do you do it??? She shared with me her wisdom which I found to be very insightful. "You've got to find your balance, have a good support system, and know that it's okay that you can't do everything." That last part really resonate with me because I tend to be a perfectionist and have this thing about being able to do and accomplish everything I set for myself and as well as doing things for others.

Along with work/life balance, we briefly chatted about a few more things from our family and kids and how she found Drybar. Alli was a stay-at-home-Mother for five years before she started her business. That's what also inspires me from Alli, she's committed to her family but she also has her passion that she yearned to pursue and has accomplished something so amazing for women everywhere.

Alli created Drybar and its services to be accessible for all women. We agreed on the philosophy of how "when one looks good, they feel good." Going to get your hair done professionally shouldn't be so costly and the $40 price tag is perfect in my book. 

Unfortunately I forgot to ask Alli for a picture of us together. By the time I remembered to ask, Alli was starting to work on Courtney Kerr's blowout! YES! Courtney Kerr (Dallas Fashion Blogger and Radio Personality) was there! When I first saw Courtney standing directly across from me on the other side of the room, I was in awe.

Snapped a quick car selfie before I buckled my seat belt because I left Drybar feeling like a million bucks!

Overall, my experience and first visit to Drybar was FABULOUS and I can't wait to go back! Drybar is THE place to go to when you want to get your hair washed and styled for any occasion or just because (you deserve to treat yo-self!). 

You can check the Drybar's website here to see if there's a salon near you!

Have you experienced a blowout at Drybar? Let's chat in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading with me! I hope you have an awesome Friyay and a fun and safe weekend! xx

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  1. I'm literally OBSESSED with Drybar! I only go for special occasions since it's about a 30 minute drive from my house, but it's well worth it!

    Xo, Rach

  2. Stunning!!


    Christine + Alyssa

  3. Hi Rach! Is it okay to say that I'm obsessed now even though I only went once? Lol! I plan to go back again for special occasions and definitely on those days when I want to treat myself! I agree with you that it's well worth it! Thank you for visiting! xo

  4. I have never been to Drybar, but I really want to go. Your hair looks amazing! xoxo Lauren

  5. You should definitely swing by and give Drybar a try Lauren! I think you'll enjoy it very much! Thank you for your sweet words! xx