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Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: Luminess Air Airbrush Essentials*

Last year, I shared my thoughts and excitement about getting my very own airbrush makeup system by Luminess Air. I love using my Luminess Airbrush system for special occasions and on my family members and friends!  

Today we're going to discuss add-on products to the Luminess Air Airbrush line. 

The Airbrush Essentials Kit by Luminess Air is a trio of different products aiming to target and help conceal minor complexion issues. From enlarged pores, redness, dark circles, and blotchy skin, this Essentials Kit is something every #LuminessBeauty needs to go with her airbrush system!

Below is the order of how I use the products:

Porcelain: Before applying any makeup, your primer is the base for a smooth, longer lasting, and even makeup look. Porcelain is a water based, colorless primer that helps balance your complexion's texture and tone. It's oil-free and can be use for all skin types. 

Eraser: This is one of Luminess' newest essential products; Eraser is water-based and oil-free, made to instantly conceal large pores, redness, blotchy skin, and helps to even out skin tone. It is lightweight with no cakey buildup allowing you to use less foundation to achieve a full coverage, flawless look

I recommend applying Eraser on specific trouble areas, blending it out, and then for your under-eye area, go to X-Out!

X-Out: Dark circles be gone! X-Out is described as an ultra-hydrating concealer that creates a soft focus effect, illuminating the eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a natural flawless look. Apply X-Out before foundation under your eyes and use your fingertips or a beauty sponge to blend out the product.

After using the trio I just shared above, I found that I really didn't need that much foundation! I applied foundation to the areas that didn't have product on to assure myself that skin tone was even throughout.
I've really enjoyed using the Luminess Air Essentials Kit! Here is a Day to Night comparison - as you can see, my makeup stayed in tact for the 8+ hours of wear.

If you have the Luminess Airbrush system, I definitely recommend you checking out the Essentials product line! There's a variety of products that you can use to add on to enhance your airbrush makeup experience :)

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Have you tried the Luminess Airbrush system or Essentials Kit yet? Let's chat in the comments below! Hope you're all off to a great Monday! Have a great and successful week!

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